Saturday, 29 May 2010

Review: Gillette Venus Oceana

I've been trialling these gorgeous disposable Oceana razors by Gillette Venus. You may remember my review for the Spa Breeze recently-I loved them and must admit I was a little apprehensive to leave them behind to try something new, because I adored them so much!
The Oceana razors come in a 3 pack and are a lovely summery aqua shade. The pearlised rubber sections on the handle ensure it doesn't slip when wet and it just feels really lovely to hold. The rounded head pivots and has an almost spring like action when in use. I really liked this as it glided around my body with ease, reaching those difficult areas like ankle and knees and underarms.
I don't think I was quite as confident when I started using this as I was with the Spa Breeze (which had built in shaving gel and felt like a pillow!), but after a couple of uses, I realised it wasn't going to cut me! That's what I love about all of the Venus razors, they really do care for your skin and you can get as sloppy as you like with shaving and they still work wonders. I have to sheepishly admit that my legs were in a bit of a sorry state before I started using the Venus razors and I honestly see a vast improvement in them now. No bumps or razor burn or cuts.
The 3 blades give a close enough shave and are surrounded by protective cushions and an aloe strip which helps to glide. Although these are disposable razors, they absolutely feel like a premium product. I'd happily show them off to my gal pals and thoroughly recommend them, another top product from Venus!

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