Monday, 26 April 2010

I Want This...

Dear Miss Selfridge,
I want to look all Miu Miu in your cute new
prom dress, £45. It sticks out, has a bow, kitsch bird print and is so 50's-everything I love. Please could you make your clothing in larger sizes, there are oodles of fashionable girls out there over a size 16. I'm already dreaming of wearing this dress with little lace gloves, pearls, peep toes and a fascinator. I want to twirl and sip tea and eat cupcakes in this dress. Boys will like me, girls will want to be me, flowers will bloom and little birds, squirrels, bunnies and raccoons will actually sing to me in this dress. Please make it possible.
Pink Haired Princess x

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  1. ah yeah that one caught my eye as well...but there are waaaaaaaaay to many cute dresses out right now! Driving me a bit mad actually because I want to get a few but I don't know which ones...I'm VERY taken by this Dahlia one (Dahlia is my nr1 favorite brand for dresses):

    but I really like this Miss Selfridge one too:

    I certainly need to order something for MS as this is a total must:

    ah choices choices!!

    Have you sent MS a mail with your size suggestion? I'd like to know what they said as I think you're totally right!


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