Monday, 15 June 2009

Review and Swatches: Lancome Color Fever Lipstick

On with more Lancome Color Fever lipstick swatches. This time it's the regular lipsticks, £17.50, available in 4 finishes-cream, shimmer, satin and metallic. I must admit, I started wearing Lancome lipsticks as a teen (yes, I was very lucky!) and have always been a fan. These CF are no exception, the colour feels so smooth and luxurious on your lips, I'm really rather addicted. They come in either red or brown perspex with silver casing. I'm not sure why there is a difference in colour, it doesn't seem to relate to the finishes or shade numbers. I notice they have a new nudes range, which is right up my street, although I've only seen the lipgloss version at my local counter.

Included in my collection are PS Kiss, a limited edition shade designed for the Pout a Porter series of lipsticks. This US only shade was a collaboration between ex-Lancome beauty director Gucci Westman and fashion designer Peter Som. The shade was created for his A/W '07 runway show. 247 Beige Caracai is another limited edition and exclusive to Sephora in the US. Lancome model Daria Werbowy created the special 3 piece range for S/S '08. You may note that the usual silver tube is pewter and 'DW' is written on the brown part of the lid.

I photographed the brown lipsticks seperately from the red cases, just because there were so many, however, I have swatched them altogether. I have included the finishes of the lipstick, most of which are noted on the box. However I have thrown out some boxes so guessed a few.

CF Lipsticks (brown cases), from left to right
244 Private Beige (cream), 233 Brun Radiant (satin), 247 Beige Caracai by Daria (cream), 216 Walk the Catwalk Brown (GWP size-cream).
CF Lipsticks (red cases), from left to right
PS Kiss by Peter Som (cream?), 110 Hot Stuff Rouge (metallic), 125 Drapee De Rouge (I think metallic but could be shimmer), 138 Daring Rose (part of Color Fever Roses collection-shimmer), 336 Rose Hypnotique (satin).
As you can see from the below swatches, if you really want PS Kiss but can't get it, then 125 Drapee de Rouge is a pretty good dupe. It's just slightly less burgandy and more red. Also because the finish is different, you get a little sparkle in the 125 but more coverage in the PS Kiss. PS is very deceiving as it looks dark brown in the tube, but comes out a totally different shade.

My all time favourite is easily 244 Private Beige. It doesn't look much in the swatch, but it's the perfect pinky nude. I find it's like Blankety or Masque by MAC, pale, but with enough body to stop washing you out. It's ever so slightly thinner in consistency to MAC and less drying.

I must also mention 138 Daring Rose, from the Roses lip collection. I could not resist buying this after swatching at the Lancome counter. It is so sparkly and the more you put on, the more glitter comes out. My camera just would not pick up how sparkly it is, you have to see it to believe it! Somehow it looks amazing and not teen glittery though.

After swatching, I'm really keen to try 233 Brun Radiant, which I actually didn't know I owned (I've never used it), oops! It's a satin, so has a subtle shimmer and is quite sheer, it looks really pretty.

lancome color fever lipstick swatcheslancome color fever lipstick swatches Click to enlarge the images and please do not copy without prior permission, these photos are my property.


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