Friday, 5 June 2009

Spring Cleaning my Stash!

I ordered MAC Style Warrior this morning. I decided to be pretty strict and just bought some lipglass and lipsticks. The blushes are very pretty but do I really need more? Not that I need more lip products, but I have just bought 8 Stila cheek colors this week (actually I'm still waiting for 4 of the blushers and 6 of the eyeshadows to arrive). The eyeshadows, I don't really need and the bronzers are probably too dark for me. I was going to get Liberated lipglass, but having Goldyrocks Dazzleglass, I'm sure they are very similar. So I got, Gold Rebel and Style Warrior l/g (I'm determined to find a way to make this work for pale skin) and Brave New Bronze, Purple Rite and Sunsational lipsticks.

I've been trying to clear some space in my room today (it's a terrible mess), even although I'm very sore from yesterday, I am really in the mood for a spring clean. My makeup collection is immaculate, yes it's in boxes, drawers and bags all over the place, but everything is well looked after and clean. That is apart from my foundation drawer. It's not that I neglect it or that it's unhygienic, it's just when applying foundation or concealer, your fingers are covered in makeup and it gets all over everything. I also went through a phase of being obsessed with buying new foundations and then I did the same with bronzers, so I'm sure I have more than the average person and need a bit of a detox. I made this my project for the afternoon.
The filled, dirty, messy drawerI took pictures throughout to illustrate. They are all clickable to enlarge, so you can get more details of the actual products if you wish. The above image is of the drawer at the start, which is almost filled to the brim with bronzers, foundation, concealer, powder and a few highlighters (I have a seperate 'highlighters' drawer that is full). To be honest, most (maybe 90%) of the foundations I can't use just now due to my problematic skin. I pretty much wear the L'Oreal Infallible liquid (I have the powder too, but it's in my handbag) or the Pout foundation everyday. These are completely non-comedogenic, so safe for me to use. I also adore the DiorSnow powder compact-it's a fantastic product and pale enough for my skin, but there is the smallest amount left (I'm desperate to get another!). The others, I have either checked and they clog pores or I'm unsure about, so don't use them.
close up of the messy productsdetails of the messy productsdetails of the messy productsmore detailsThere were quite a few concealers which were almost finished or looked rather yucky so I binned them (Rimmel, No7, 17, W7, Clinique). I use No7 Quick Cover under eyes daily, but can't find an ingredient listing for it, so don't use it on the rest of my face. I also had 2 finished Givenchy, 1 Pout and 1 YSL, light reflecting products which I binned. I got rid of several foundations and tinted moisturisers (mostly No7 or 17) that were quite old.
messy foundationsmore foundationmore foundation bottlesThere were also some kabuki brushes (Bourjois, Elizabeth Arden and 17) which are filthy (from not using them for ages) and need a good clean, so that's still to be done. I admit, I wasn't completely ruthless, as there are still many products that I don't use that I could have gotten rid of. For instance I never use bronzer now, but there are at least 8 there. However, I can decide at a later date (if I still haven't used them), then I can get rid of them.
messy bronzersbronzing productsI then cleaned the drawer and all the products. Hopefully you'll be able to see how dirty they were before and how spotless they are now! The contents now barely cover the base of the drawer, which is fabulous. Everything is much more accessible. This is by no means all of my base products, just the ones I currently use or that are opened.
The products I'm keepingdetails of products I'm keepingdetails of products I'm keepingdetails of clean productsdetails of clean productsdetails of clean productsdetails of clean productsThe finished, clean drawer


  1. WOW! SO much make up!
    I <3 the hello kitty mac range - have u seen it?!
    Love your blog

  2. Thank you : )

    Yes, if you search this blog, you should find pictures of my Hello Kitty/MAC haul, very cute. Thanks for your comment.


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