Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Irregular Choice x Care Bears: Hug It Out Clutch

Post contains no affiliate links or PR items. irregular choice clutch bag with tenderheart bear face on pastel cloud background
My sister has a lot of these Irregular Choice clutch bags, but I ordered this on launch day unsure of whether I wanted to keep it for myself or not! I realised when it arrived that as much as I loved it, it was more her than me, so she got it.

Irregular Choice: Maleficent Bag (Disney Princesses)

Post contains no affiliate links or PR items. sleeping beauty maleficent head shaped handbag on shelf
Just a quick post tonight of something I bought back in early Spring. I'd had my eye on this Irregular Choice Maleficent bag since the preview, prior to the launch of the Sleeping Beauty collection in the Disney Princesses series last year. Shape wise though, it's really not practical for me, so I didn't get it. Fast forward to March and it was ridiculously cheap on eBay, so I couldn't resist! I posted it on my Instagram Stories at the time and I'll say what I said there, this will be a display piece for me. It's not often (if ever?) I buy something that I don't intend to wear/use.  For the past few months anyway, she keeps guard in the spare room (where I spend all my time) on top of this shelving unit that is housing some of my IC bags.  Obviously she has to go on the top shelf because of her shape.  She's always catching my eye throughout the day.

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Irregular Choice x Care Bears: Oh Happy Day Purse

Post contains no affiliate links or PR items. pink cheer bear shaped purse with yellow care bear pop vinyl
After my Irregular Choice Care Bear box post the other day, I thought I should begin to tackle the (many) item reviews from this collection. My sister was really excited about this collection (sadly her feet are too small for the shoes) and although she'd been furloughed all those months, the one day she had to go in for training was 12 o'clock on launch day, typical!  Having not seen the full collection prior to launch, I had no idea what she wanted, so I ordered a whole bunch of stuff and if she didn't like it, I could send it back.  This item was a possibility for her and whenever she saw it, she said there was no way she'd return it, so we were off to a good start!

40th Birthday Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

Post contains affiliate link and no PR items. rose embellished raffia purple fringe and yellow peep toe mules on shoe shelf
You might remember my post last year about my new-ish tradition of buying myself a pair of designer shoes for my birthday.  That and watching the Korean zombie film, Train To Busan (on my own because nobody else in my house would like it)!  Last year I bought the Charlotte Olympia t-bars and the previous year, Vivienne Westwood suede boots.  This year I turned 40, so I decided (pre-Covid) that such a milestone called for a mega treat of 4 pairs throughout the year, one for each quarter of the year (not so minted that I could buy them all at once!) and four seemed apt (and more manageable/sensible than 40!) to represent 40.  A lot of my friends had lavish holidays (multiple) planned throughout the year to celebrate their birthdays, which isn't something I could do with being ill and as a family we were struggling to find something I could manage to celebrate, so we had no plans before Coronavirus hit.  I figured before and after, that this was a longer lasting memento than a holiday or party anyway and was in keeping with my previous birthday treats. 

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Irregular Choice: SS20 Sale Bags

Post contains no affiliate links or PR items. selection of irregular choice ss20 handbags
I've had a good few weeks of ticking some Spring/Summer 2020 handbags off my Irregular Choice wishlist. I've been overspending the past couple of years, so I'm trying to change my buying habits this year and not dive in the moment I see something and wait it out until sale time (unless it's very special/limited). Of course there's the risk it sells out, so it's stressful and doesn't always work, but I am trying!

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Swatch: L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick Balmain Instinct

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It's a long running joke in our house that each lipstick I buy is the same shade...erm, do they not know that every nude is different? Not that my family read here, but if they did, the lipstick I'm swatching today would surprise them as it's...green. Yes, really!! loreal balmain green marbled lipstick with khaki coloured lipstick on glitter background
The L'Oreal collaboration with fashion house Balmain isn't a new one, but I found this lipstick online earlier this year and it just so happened to be the colour I was really intrigued by at the time of launch. I don't get out often to Boots or Superdrug to test their makeup brands (well with Covid, nobody does now), so I don't buy much in the way of drugstore/high street brands these days and after initially eyeing this collection, I'd forgotten all about it, until I stumbled upon it here. green marbled lipstick case with gold Balmain branding on glitter backdrop

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Irregular Choice x Care Bears: Box Design

I'm aiming to blog every day throughout September. A bit of a big challenge for me, but I have so many photos I've taken and never had time or energy to write up, that I still want to share and I thought if I gave myself a bit of a push and stuck to this, it would greatly help that backlog!  Hopefully I can keep it up all month! Yesterday I started with a Beauty Lately post, but today I thought I'd share the fabulous Care Bears box/packaging from the Irregular Choice collaboration a couple of months back.  colourful glossy shoe box with pink care bear and rainbow striped tummy

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Beauty Lately...

Post contains some affiliate links, no PR/gifted items.selection of face masks, skincare and makeup products
Beauty Lately is a selection of mini reviews on beauty products I've been using lately; good, bad or meh, I include them all! You can find my post from last time here and today I have 6 items for you. Sorry it's taken so long to finish this post, but my back 'went' the other week and I had to drop everything and rest until it was better.  It's completely back to normal now, so I'm happy to be standing up straight and walking again (crawling like a hunchback to the toilet is no fun!), so let's get straight into the beauty bits.