Sunday, 10 December 2017

Irregular Choice: Mr & Mrs Clause

Irregular Choice festive Santa shoes in Christmas scene with cookies, carrot, hot chocolate
A little break from Muppets this week, to review the newest Santa character heel from Irregular Choice. There's been a lot of festive offerings this season, mostly mid-heels and flats, so I was thinking there wouldn't be any high heels this time and indeed no Santa. I told myself beforehand that if Santa heels were released, they would have to be pretty amazing to justify buying my 4th heel of this kind. Naturally, they were amazing and I had to get them! Festive Christmas Irregular Choice shoes with letters for Santa and hot chocolate in background
So, on Mr & Mrs Clause, the heel is exactly the same as previous years and this mould is without a doubt one of my favourites of all character heels. I find there's a nice amount of detail (both carved and painted), but it's so practical; no annoying bits sticking out to look out for. It's still chunky enough to feel comfortable, but is definitely more of a heel than a wedge like the unicorns or bunnies.