Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Topshop Horse Necklace

My Topshop horse necklace arrived today! It's just as gorgeous as I'd remembered. Like I said in my original post, the image on the site doesn't show the 3-dimensional aspect of the horse to it's best. I snapped some quick photos on my phone when it arrived.
Hopefully you can see what I was talking about with the complete half horse body and head sticking out from the wings. It's rather heavy! This is it fastened quite short, it can hang longer than this.
Good news is, Topshop have extended their free delivery until the end of Friday (2nd August), so you could have this pretty pony delivered to your home for free! To take advantage simply enter the code FREE4ALL at checkout and that's for both UK and international orders.

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Beauty Haul: Paul & Joe, The Balm

So here is the second half of my huge beauty haul (you can find the Escentual/Debenhams part here). I'm just going to dive straight in, starting with a gift set from Paul & Joe. Now I've had my eye on the Limited Edition Unicorn Set since before it launched for Christmas 2012. I couldn't care less about what's inside, I just wanted makeup with unicorns on it!
So I've stalked the hell out of literally for months and months. I couldn't really justify spending full price on it and naturally it sold out just before or as it was reduced in the new year sales. I knew Rose & Co Apothecary still had some in stock, so waited until it was a price I was happy with. I believe I visited the Rose & Co shop once on holiday, probably about 18 years ago and if I remember correctly bought blotting papers in a vintage style packet! Funny the things you remember.
Anyway the set had two colourways and I wasn't picky which one I got (thankfully as they only had the one left in stock). It comes boxed and inside is an adorable framed, satin clutch. You could use it for a clutch bag or makeup bag, depending on your style. It's lined in purple satin and on the back is a floral pattern with the mystical unicorn on the front. Even without my obsession of unicorns, I think it's a stunning print, but then Paul & Joe always excel at beautiful things in my book.
The makeup items you get are a Loose Face Powder and a Creamy Cheek Powder. The blush is the only variable item in the sets (either 001 Frozen lilac or 002 Sleigh Ride), mine is the latter. The Face Powder in 001, is supposedly translucent (I haven't actually had the time to try these yet) and comes in a large pot with sifter and very luxurious feeling velvet puff. The type of puff I have to stop my little sister stealing-not because she wants it for makeup, just to touch! The beautiful unicorn adorns the lid of the pot *sigh*
The cheek colour is strangely named, because it's definitely more cream than powder. It comes in the regular P&J floral embossed compact with that wonderful vintage feel and inside there's a mirror. As it was a winter collection, there are shimmering snowflakes on the surface of the blush (which I believe are just over spray). 002 Sleigh Ride looks to be a reddish orange shade...a bit like tomato soup! I favour powder blushes to creams, but will eventually pluck up the courage to ruin the pretty pattern and suss out what this is like.

I was thrilled to eventually get the set and for such a decent price too (half price) and whilst looking in the sale section, I found some more discount gems. Everything I bought was literally the last one, so I was very lucky. This Paul & Joe lipgloss in 001 L'Horizon Blue was limited edition a few seasons back and is a pale, shimmering blue. It's got a very slight blue tint when applied and amazing sporadic glitter pieces. Even the 'regular' P&J packaging is beautiful.
I already own The Balm 'Hot Mama' blush, but picked up the Bahama Mama bronzer, which I thought would be a good contour colour for my highlighting/contouring (heard many people rave about it's non-shimmery, non-orange or muddy appearance for this purpose) and Sexy Mama translucent, anti-shine, pressed powder.
Again the packaging is beautiful, I just love the vintage inspired images.
I've also been desperate to get my hands on the Spring 2013 (carousel) range by Paul & Joe, it is just absolutely to my whimsical, fairy-tale taste! P&J lipsticks now come as separates, so you buy the regular lipstick case (plastic packaging) or the limited edition one (card packaging) and then the lipstick bullet, which just slots into place. I suppose it can be a good idea if you perhaps really want the LE case, but aren't too fussed on the lipstick shades in that collection or vice versa. The outer packaging for the carousel collection didn't really reflect the horsey theme, but I loved the elephant case anyway. It's not often you get a cute elephant print especially on makeup is it?
Rose & Co had sold out of the lipstick I wanted, so I had to shop elsewhere for that. My order qualified for free shipping and everything came wrapped like little presents! They also included these little extras (a mirror and bath soak), which I thought was a nice touch.
So I ordered the lipstick from BeautyBay, which has free delivery on everything. I think I got the last one of this particular colour (seemed to be the day for that). It's 078 Carousel and can we firstly just gasp out loud at how adorable the box is? No way, I'm chucking that out!
The lipstick casing itself, is just as pretty with a lace print, but prepare yourself for the actual lipstick. Are you ready? It's got the carousel horse on it...!! I know, it's just ridiculous!
How the heck am I ever going to use that? I've photographed it from every angle, so you can properly see it. Beautiful isn't it? I already have a P&J lipstick from a couple of years ago, in the shape of a cat, with it's little face etched into the lipstick that I've so far never used. They are works of art really. Here it is, all housed in it's little elephant casing.
I'm still hoping to buy the carousel printed eyeshadow too (yep another thing I'll never use), but haven't got round to that yet.  I hope I didn't get too lost mid way through this post, as I'd left the draft for a few weeks and kinda lost my stride!  I hope I've included all the images too, there are so many and they're all jumbled in Photobucket.  This haul is from the end of May or beginning of June and it's safe to say I've purchased truck-loads of makeup since.  I just seem to be really into it just now.  I'll hopefully get another haul post up in the next couple of days.