Friday, 31 July 2009

Euristocrats II Swatches and Product Images

Sorry for the deluge of beauty related posts lately. I do have lots of other things (mainly shoes, you know it!) to blog about, but just haven't found the time. I seem to be all over the place just now!

Anyway in saying that, I do have some more beauty pics. This time it's Euristocrats II swatches and product images. It hasn't been (re)released here in the UK yet, but as I explained yesterday the lipsticks are from the previous Euristocrats collection anyway. I also bought 2 of the new Dazzleglass shades from
Love Make Up, who have them cheaper than MAC and before the release date (bonus!). I'm hoping that I can really save on this collection as I already have the lipsticks I need and apart from Roman Holiday I either already own or don't want the other Dazzleglass.

Please note Love Make Up only have Local Colour £10.99 and Internationalist £9.99 left in stock.

Euro Beat was an unbelievable £6.99 (half price) and is stunning. I'm not overly keen on orange lips, they usually look mega tacky on me, but this is a beautiful summer colour, it's not too orange, quite coral-ish. It's got lots of gold glitter and is even more sparkly than usual d/g's.
Local Colour, I was screaming for this one. Off the top of my head though it's very similar to Baby Sparks (I'll have to compare them and swatch). These d/g are much more pigmented than usual, you really get the colour you see in the tube, not sheer.

The official descriptions from MAC are;
Date Night Soft blue purple with pearl (I already have this but forgot to swatch for you, sorry)
Euro Beat Peach coral with gold pearl
Internationalist Yellow pink with blue pearl
Local Colour Neutral yellow pink with gold pearl
Roman Holiday Medium brown coral with pink pearl
Rue d’Rouge Light red with pink pearl
Via Veneto Light violet with blue pearl

The lipsticks are;
Costa Chic Frosty light coral
Naked Paris Sheer pink brown with multi-dimensional pearl
Patisserie Sheer creamy neutral pink
Milan Mode Sheer deep pink with multi-dimensional pearl
London Life Sheer deep berry with multi-dimensional pearl
Saint Germain Clean pastel pink
Cockney Sheer yellow red with multi-dimensional pearl
(I have also photographed Rue D'Bois that I bought from Euristocrats which is not released with the 2nd line)
These lipsticks are very buildable. I've swatched just one swipe next to them to compare. All the shades I own, apart from Patisserie, have glitter in them as you can see. Click pics to enlarge and do not steal.

I hope this helps, do let me know what you purchase when it comes out!

Feeling Peachy

Just a quick FOTD here, kept my face pretty simple. LOTD as stated previously and Diorshow loose powder blush in Spotlight Peach with Estee Lauder Magnascopic mascara.My hair was half up, half down, with a Primark flowery clasp.

Wearing, orange and cream floral dress Dorothy Perkins (also cropped brown leggings New Look, brown studded sandals Primark, see The Shoe Girl Diaries for pics), cream cardi Peacocks and brown sunglasses vintage.

LOTD Challenge Day 14

Wow I can't believe the LOTD Challenge has been going for 2 whole weeks! Today I tried a combo I've never worn together before. The Versace 'lipgloss' is actually a lipstick for those that aren't familiar with their products. versace wet lipgloss bourjois nude brun poeticPout lip liner in 32a
Versace Wet Lipgloss in V2008-B (caramel lipstick with a pink sheen which I hadn't noticed before)
Bourjois Effet 3D Les Nudes in 33 Brun Poetic (provides the sparkle)

I've just purchased lots more Playboy lip colours from DirectCosmetics, who have started stocking them (and at fabulous prices). I love the little selection I already own, so will hopefully find more gems in my new order. Coincidentally, they also have a large selection of Versace lipstick testers, really cheap too.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

LOTD Challenge Day 13

I looked out my Euristocrats lipsticks to swatch and photograph again, seeing as Euristocrats II is released soon in the UK (and the lipsticks are mostly the same as before). I must admit I haven't worn the 4 I bought all that much, which I really must remedy. Starting today with, Patisserie lipstick. I took a few full face pics, so they should be up sometime over the weekend.
MAC Patisserie lipstick
Pout Lip Liner in 32a

FOTD 24/07/09

Ok, this was Day 7 of the LOTD Challenge, which was Bourjois Docteur Glamour in 17 Rose Requinque-which I think may be my favourite lip so far.
I wore the very bold Lancaster Chameleon Eyeshadow in 116 Divine Iris (pic above w/o mascara or lipstick). I have several of these e/s and really love them, they have a velvet like texture and are best applied with the sponge applicator included to keep the shimmer on the lid.

I think my blush was W'n'W Silk Finish in Heather Silk, which is my absolute favourite blush right now (yes it beats Pout, MAC etc). It gives such a healthy flush of colour, so pretty and lasts all day. It's scary dark pink in the pan, but so, so pretty on my cheeks, I can't encourage you enough to go out and buy it, seriously!This was the first day of my freshly coloured hair, so I was playing around like a silly woman! I was actually getting annoyed as it never sits perfectly once it's been coloured and I hate when it looks flat. I had also cut my fringe really, really short before I went to bed and it got a kink in one side from sleeping on it-so looks really wonky in the pics! If you want to know anything else (foundation, eyeliner, mascara etc), let me know and I'll hopefully remember.
(dress primark, necklace a gift, coat (in some pics) primark, ring matalan)

The Before

Hello ladies, hope you are all well. I have a few FOTD's coming up. I seem to have taken the pictues and forgotten about them, so I'll post them later today. I feel so much better now that my hair has been re-coloured, it's given me such a lift. I was trying to plan ahead for my friends wedding in September, working it out so my hair would need done just before. It's actually lasted pretty well this time anyway and I've tried to go as long as possible without retouching, although I'm rather fussy about showing roots! This is what I looked like before...generally wearing hats and huge hairbands to mask the roots (not exactly summer attire)! Eagle-eyed readers may notice that this was Day One of the LOTD challenge (and The Shoe Girl Diaries).

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

LOTD Challenge Day 12

guerlain kiss kiss laque fabulous roseSorry it's very late, been a hell of a day today. Wearing Kiss Cashmere lipliner with Guerlain Kiss Kiss Laque in 761 Fabulous Rose. I love these glosses. They are very pigmented, rich shades and feel more like a liquid lipstick than gloss. They are super shiny and I love the scent.

Review: Garnier Pure Active Range

If you've visited my blog before, you'll probably be aware of the difficulties I've been having with my skin. I went through my teens and early 20's with nothing more than the odd blemish, then after that it all went downhill! I've been prescribed Differin Gel which has been working wonders for the past 2 months. Obviously I still have to be very careful with what I put on my face and that usually means oil-free makeup and moisturisers. I have a 6 page list of ingredients that are pore clogging and/or irritating to acne prone skin and I carry this with me when purchasing anything new. I find that the majority of drugstore or high-end skincare contain some combination of these harmful ingredients. This is hugely infuriating, as I want to look after my skin and should be able to go out and buy something without the worry that it will actually make my face worse-I'm sure I'm not alone.

Garnier however, have just launched their new Pure Active range which is specifically formulated for and tested on spot-prone skin. Sounds good so far, so how does it measure up? Well as always, I like to point out that with skincare or indeed any item that I test, it's my opinion and findings and you may feel that you get different results yourself, afterall we're all different!
First of all the Deep Pore Unclogging Wash and Blackhead Clearing Scrub shown in the image above, I decided against testing. A closer look at the ingredients revealed there were a few things that may or may not have irritated my skin and at this stage (when my skin is almost back to normal), I didn't want to risk it. It's worth bearing in mind though, that these are wash-off products which aren't absorbed into the skin over a long period of time, so may very well not break me out. I may still give these a try at a later stage as I've seen many positive reviews for them so far.
The other 3 products I've been using are Spot Fighting 24hr Moisturiser, Spot Purifying Toner and Spot-On Roll-On Rapid Soothing Relief. Overall these products have a very clinical, chemical smell which I wasn't keen on. Although in saying that, many products of this type seem to-it's perhaps greedy to ask for sweet smelling but spot busting! Also they all have a tingling effect on the skin which was very off-putting at first. The toner was especially bad, with a burning sensation upon application. I wasn't sure if I was having a reaction or if this was the product working 'deep down' and effectively. However after continued use, I have not found any bad effects. Just be sure to wash hands after application and don't get near your eyes or on your lips (it tastes yuckier than it smells!)

I was quite 'lucky' a couple of weeks ago, as I accidently used the wrong foundation and thinking 'what harm could it do?', applied it and woke up the next day with 4 or 5 spots. I say lucky, because it gave me a chance to see if these products really worked! I'll give more detailed info below, but I was really impressed with how quickly these products worked to get my skin back to normal. They are super effective at speeding up the process of a spot.

The toner feels like it is really wiping away deep down dirt, it feels so clean and leaves skin very refreshed. It, along with the rest of the range, contains 2% Salicylic Acid, a well known anti-bacterial ingredient which is used to help refine pores and prevent spots from appearing. Plus HerbaSoothe which Garnier have derived from blueberries, which soothes and cares for skin.
The moisturiser is a pale blue almost gel like formula (above) in a handy pump dispenser. I've been desperate to find a moisturiser that meets my needs, as so many of them contain ingredients that I shouldn't use. This one isn't perfect, but the 'bad' ingredients are very low on the list and they haven't given me any trouble. I found it absorbed into the skin very easily and didn't feel greasy or drying. I would say my skin is oily-ish in the t-zone but normal on the cheeks and it can be hard finding something to suit my slightly combination skin. It claims to be mattifying, however I felt it left my face with a slight sheen (not oily though). I actually reckon it was because my skin was so 'clean' from using this and the toner.
I've saved the best until last. I really love the idea of this product, it's so easy to carry around and apply no matter where you are, throughout the day. The only disadvantage, is some people may not find it hygienic to apply direct to the affected area (as the ball will rotate and touch the rest of the liquid within the bottle). The metal rollerball is really cooling and although it tingles for a little while, it does feel soothing. I applied this in the morning to my spots (and used Differin at night). After the first day my spots were still there but slightly reduced, after 2 days they were significantly reduced and dried out. The faint, remaining marks took another few days to disappear, but were much more easily covered with makeup. I feel my spots normally take a really long time to come to a head and completely disappear, but not with this. I've also noticed that smaller blemishes haven't really had the chance to come to anything when using these products, so they do as they say. *update* I have just received information from Garnier regarding the hygiene issue "The Pure Active spot-on roll-on is an innovative format that rolls out the formula for on-the-spot application and is designed not to let any of the product back in. If for any reason any product does get back into the applicator the high level of salicylic acid (2%) helps kill any bacteria that could be present as this is a key antibacterial ingredient." Brilliant news!

In conclusion, I'm quite impressed, they definitely help speed up the blemish process and over time I'm sure they will prevent further break outs. The downside is the burning sensation and scent and I do wish the packaging was a bit more lust worthy. Although it's probably targeted at teens and you certainly can't fault the high-street prices. Visit the Garnier Pure Active website for more info.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Old Meets New at Irregular Choice

Schuh seem to love collaborating with Irregular Choice to rework old styles in different fabrics. The latest additions to the Schuh site include;

Alphabite £69.99 (from a/w 08) in purple patent and floral fabric (previously used in Abigails Party). Loving the cute Native American girl box and pink velvet interior.
Alphabite £69.99 (from a/w 08) in grey patent and pink check tweed which is also featured in the Can Can shoes £49.99 (fast becoming the IC staple), also available are black with silver stars and bright tartan (a really old IC fabric). Plus the boot version £59.99 is reproduced in metallic multi coloured spots (fabric from s/s 09). You can see my original Can Can zigzag boots over at The Shoe Girl Diaries.My favourite makeover is given to the luscious Miaow ankle boots £99.99. I have the black version and they are definitely worth the big bucks. The new shade is a gorgeous purple, perfect for autumn. Plus, look there's the cute little girl again, on the sole!
I must also commend Schuh on their product images. They now feature the shoe being modelled on real feet (always helpful) and as always if you click under the main image (on zoom), you can view several more pictures of the shoe from all angles and can zoom in further for more detail.

Free The Body Shop Eye Definer with Instyle

Free with the August edition of Instyle magazine are these fabulous The Body Shop Eye Definer pencils. You get two, shade 01 Black and a choice of either Brilliant Blue, Glowing Amethyst or Vibrant Emerald. I subscribe (so obviously didn't get a choice) and I got 11 Vibrant Emerald-the green one. I'm quite tempted to get the others though. The pencils are really soft and the colours very metallic. I've been wearing the black for the past few days and the staying power is excellent, no smudging here! I'm not sure if this is true for the metallic colours though, as I found it much easier to smudge them during swatching.

LOTD Challenge Day 11

I wasn't sure which lipliner to pair with this lipstick, what are you ladies using? I felt I didn't have anything coordinating, so instead I used Pout Poutline, an invisible liner. I kept the my eyes simple (flicked eyeliner and mascara) and put on lots of pink blush.mac purple rite lipstickPout Poutline-lip line definer
MAC Purple Rite (frost) lipstick

Monday, 27 July 2009

LOTD Challenge Day 10

This is one of my favourite lipsticks, ever. It's a deep mauve-brown but the reason it looks so great is that it has a greyish tone to it (although I'm not sure it would work with very warm skintones). I adore the consistency too, it's pigmented and thick enough without feeling dry or heavy and always makes my lips look much fuller. To be honest I'm pretty bummed that I can't wear this again for a whole year (or however long I keep the challenge going), unless of course I pair it with a different lipliner or gloss over the top?
lotd challenge day 10Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Midnight Cowboy
NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear in 321B Moonglow

Plus I would love your input to help shape the LOTD Challenge. I need your suggestions for a challenge within the challenge. I could maybe try a week of red lips, plumping lipgloss, MAC only, super cheap brands or high end, Lancome JT's...there are endless possibilities. Let me know, your opinion counts-afterall you are the reader and I want to please you! Email me at or leave a comment below.

Miracle in a Bottle?

I'm still searching for the perfect (powder?) foundation to wear as bridesmaid in September. I'm also very eager to try this primer by Lancome, La Base Pro £24.50. As you know I've had problems with my skin for some time now, although since changing to Differin Gel (adapalene) a couple of months ago, I've noticed a tremendous improvement. La Base Pro claims to act like an invisible second skin instantly smoothing, masking imperfections, tiredness, enlarged pores and fine lines (perfect huh?). It's also a non-greasy, oil-free formula, which *should* be suitable for acne-prone skin, like myself. I contacted Lancome a few weeks ago, to get an accurate ingredient listing, as I haven't had the opportunity to see it instore; however they haven't replied yet. It sounds like exactly what I need from a base and would hopefully aid the wear of foundation to provide long-lasting, non-shiny coverage. Could this be my miracle product?lancome la base pro primerI'm praying it doesn't clog pores and aggravate acne, please let me know if you've been using it and how you got on. I'd love to know!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

LOTD Challenge Day 9

I had no idea what I wanted to wear today. I started with Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Mahita Labbra and put L'Oreal Color Riche Star Secrets Lipstick in 713 (Kerry Washington) over the top. I blotted and was left wth oodles of silver sparkle minus the pink shade, over which I applied Too Faced Gossip Gloss in Sabotage. This was the final result, lots of sparkle!


My beautiful Matalan purple, ruffle shoes, the third colour I bought in this style, are the focus this week. They are patent with an almost crackled effect (as are the black). They have 3 skinny straps to which the ruffle front is attached and another strap around the ankle. They are of course modelled on the Dillian shoe by Christian Louboutin for Philip Lim and to be honest they are a pretty darn good copy. They have the basic shape right and the strap and ruffle details are almost spot-on. Of course they are not real leather and don't feature the lust-worthy signature red sole, but hey at £18, you still would, wouldn't you? Only a size 3 left on the website now, so schedule a shopping session at your local Matalan if you want a pair!