Monday, 20 November 2017

Irregular Choice Muppets: Daredevil Bag

Irregular Choice Muppets Daredevil bag on red cape with cloudy background
I feel like this post should begin with some sort of trumpet fanfare. Presenting "Gonzo The Great"; eccentric, performer, stunt-master extraordinaire! My first Irregular Choice Muppets bag review is my favourite of the bunch, Daredevil, featuring (if you haven't already guessed), Gonzo. Just what he is, nobody quite knows!  I said this in my first impressions post, but I'm so fond of this bag shape. It's the perfect size for me and what I need it for and is a lot roomier than it seems from the outside. So let's take a closer look.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Swatches: ASOS Beauty Box (November)

asos beauty box contents inside November 2017
In September ASOS launched their very first beauty box to coincide with their new, own-brand makeup line and revamp of the current beauty department (now known as "Face + Body"). I've been tempted each time as there's 5 items inside, priced at £12 and there's no subscription, you just buy it outright if you like it that month. It's taken until this month for me to go for it.  This time it contained (all full-size) items from their own-brand range rather than other brands. I'm always keen to trial new stuff, so this seemed like the perfect ooportunity. The box is incredible value for money with the palette alone retailing for £12. Yep, the liquid lipstick, mascara, blusher and eyeliner are all free. The whole makeup line is affordable anyway, but it's still a £29 saving.  Read on for swatches and a closer look at what's inside the ASOS Beauty Box (November edition). asos beauty box November 2017

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Irregular Choice Muppets: Haul First Impressions

 selection of various shoes and handbags from the Irregular Choice Disney Muppets
Though it was very tiring and physically demanding, I had great fun last weekend photographing my entire Irregular Choice Muppets haul. It was like Christmas last Monday when it all arrived. One fabulous box of goodies after another. I was so excited to get stuck in and review it all, then something happened this week which was about to derail the whole thing and I thought it was going to be put on hold for a month. However that crisis is (hopefully) averted and I can get back to doing the stuff I want to do! I'm so excited for you to see it all, because the shoots worked exactly how I hoped and the actual items are just a dream to look at anyway. I thought in the meantime I'd put together a first impressions with photos I took whenever they arrived. I was going to chat about the launch and how I got on buying, but I felt I was blethering and minus a little glitch or two, it actually went well for me, so let's leave it at that and get onto the beautiful stuff!