Friday, 29 July 2011

What A Wonderful Name

I've always wanted a shoe named after me, I just think that would be the coolest accolade, to know a shoe has been created with you in mind and named in your honour. So meet my shoe, the 'Gemma' boot by Terry De Havilland! Ahem, actually named after Gemma Cairney apparently but we'll pretend it's me as it's a peep toe ankle boot for Christ's sake-how more 'me' can you get?
It's been around for a good few seasons but is now available in made-to-order Crystal £650 (above right) and the super cool, limited edition Dagger £595 (above and below) which are exclusive to Selfridges. They're reasonably similar to my TDH metallic green and black lace boot, which are one of my all-time favourite shoes ever, I just love them! The dagger on the heel of this pair though is an amazingly fabulous touch and there are only 10 pairs in circulation to celebrate 50 years of Terry De Havilland shoes and sadly for me, none left in my size : (
Another very limited edition pair that made my jaw drop on the Selfridges site, are the Lenka mules (£795), in the most gorgeous shade of green with floral lace and crystal design. Hubba hubba, oh how I love these. STUNNING! Only 6 pairs were made and Selfridges still have sizes 4 and...5. Uh-oh, shouldn't have checked that! Oh I just adore them. I actually tend to gravitate more towards the unusual TDH styles rather than the more obvious Margaux wedges etc that everyone covets (although I do still love my aqua pair).
That said, harking back to classic TDH are some beautiful wedges, check out the dragon print on these. Again this style is limited edition, just 6 pairs made and still available in 4 and 5. Proving I like the more unique styles though are these cutesie Loretta wedge shoe-boots £495. I'd quite possibly wear these babies to death, utterly wearable yet covered in Swarovski crystals for a bit of glam, HOTness!I'm not so keen on the new pointed toe styles without platforms such as Lois, Sasha and Roxie, they just don't scream 'De Havilland' to me, but I do love the retro feel of the Tammy lace-ups £295 and Mimi courts £250 (in purple or black/silver). Seventies style reincarnated or what? Actually the Mimi are based on an original 70's design, quite spectacular. I wonder if my two TDH's will get some new company soon ; )

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Irregular Choice Haul

OMG peeps, look what arrived today...a massive Irregular Choice parcel containing my two new pairs of shoesies. I honestly haven't had time to properly look at them and take 'real' photos, so here's the quick camera-phone images.
Gorgeous boxes including a rather large one filled with the attachments for the So-Yeon Sarah pair. I hadn't realised until I squirrelled the boxes away later that the other side of the attachments box is even cuter (like a little house), so I'll definitely take photos of that for you later.
First, here's the black 'Wing Invadors', grrrr check out those teeth!
The basic Sarah court, such a lovely retro shape.
Eye see you, heehee!
The attachments mostly clip on to the shoe.
My only issue is I was given the navy bows which were shown on the website to go with the red courts, but actually they still look cute, so it's no biggy.
I doubt these rings will fit me...
...the spatz didn't fit...they zip up the back and have elasticated sections across the front (which were stretched to their limits)!! Do I need to start 'operation fit into leg spatz' diet? Perhapsamundo!
I promise more pics soon, when I get organised.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Shoes!

One of the three pairs of shoes I ordered yesterday arrived today! If you follow me on Facebook, you'll already know which pairs I've ordered and a pic of my newest arrival. Speaking of arrivals, still no news on baby nephew/niece, my sis is beginning to panic now and doesn't want induced (which is gonna happen on Saturday if baby doesn't bust a move before then). She texted me yesterday to say she was jumping on the kids trampoline, desperate times! Anyway here's some quick camera-phone shots of the 'Evade' floral platforms from River Island via ASOS. Totally hot!

ASOS Ablaze Wedge

The latest ASOS magazine arrived today. Quick flick through and these babies caught my eye. Meet the floral tapestry 'Ablaze' wedge £60. Seriously want!!!
I just wanted to update with the following info...when I checked the ASOS site today I got this message, so the boots are definitely coming soon.
According to ASOS, they are due in August, here's a bigger pic and also I spotted a leopard pair. Not getting me as excited as the tapestry but lush all the same (have no idea why I just said 'lush', I never use that word as this really annoying Geordie girl spent a few weeks in my class at high-school and I swear every second word was 'lush', it used to do my head in and I always seemed to have to sit next to her, heehee!).

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Harajuku Lovers Introduce Super G!

I first wrote about the latest Harajuku Lovers fragrance on my Facebook page last month, but I'm happy to report it's now available for purchase in the UK.
It's the glorious 'Super G' in superhero costume, complete with cape and mask (unfortunately no accompanying harajuku girls again). As if I had to sell it any further, she's also flying...a completely new bottle mould this time. I'm super, super loving it! The fragrance is completely new and I haven't had the chance to go anywhere for a sniff yet as our entire family is on hold awaiting the arrival of my little niece or nephew who really doesn't want to make an appearance! However, it's described as a bright, fruity, energetic scent with top notes of tangerine, yellow pineapple, pear and tart cranberry. Heart notes of banana nectar, yellow freesia, coconut and peach with a base of musk, transparent cedar wood, vanilla and raspberry! Sounds very unique, available now in 30ml priced around £20. I'm going to try and hold out for a GWP, although no news of one yet.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Irregular Choice AW11 Lookbook

I've been busy preparing some photo-heavy posts for next week, but thought I'd leave you with a super duper look at the new Irregular Choice Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. It's big on sparkle, lots of sequins and some wonderful new shapes (I'm looking at you Jelly & Ice Cream, Pat's Picnic (which I'm totally in love with), Petrish etc). You'll also find some old favourites such as Abigails Party, Miaow (which I've realised I forgot to include here, but the new colour is red-matching bag also available) and Flick Flack in new colours and fabrics and remember Whimsic? Well they're back along with the much sought after cowgirl boot Rawhide. You'll also find the odd carved perspex heel and a slight modification of the diamond shaped one from last winter. I've updated with part 2, so this is the complete lot, enjoy and let me know your wishlist!

Also just wanted to add these images from the IC facebook page which show the new bags and also some extracts from the new Solestruck lookbook featuring IC. The Twit Twoo clutch and shopper are the only styles I can't find direct co-ordinating shoes for.
These IC lookbook images show some styles in other variations that I didn't have larger images of, note here; Kurious Oranj in bronzey brown, black and silver star Flick Flack, Smooch in purple with bronze, red Petrisha or it even looks like PeRtrisha or PORtrisha (not sure which the correct spelling is), Best Of All in purple and the beautiful Pat's Picnic in orange.
On this page you'll find The Beast boot without fur, the bunny Sugar Plums in red (also a matching bag for that), Something In My Eye are mens styles (or at least I think they are and that's why I didn't include them) and white/silver Ethel & Willy (I lol'd so hard at the Eastenders themed names)! Solestruck also include the Anna Bells Trolley in plain black (again with a different spelling).
IC appear to be listening to customer feedback because there's zips or fastenings on practically every shoe you'd need it on. Remember the older style boots were often slip-on (and I use that term loosely)? It usually required sizing up, but even intricate styles like the tiger Vanessa have a back zip; off the top of my head Anna Bells Trolley are the only pair of boots without zips. Plus the summer collection from my experience was pretty spot-on with sizing, not the usual 'up a size/down a size'! Anything catching your eye from this lot?