Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Big Freeze

I've spent most of the day babysitting my nephews, because Mum couldn't get to their house due to the weather. My sister finished work early though because of the snow, so came to pick them up a short while ago. I'm absolutely knackered now though-they are ridiculously tiring! It's like a ghost town here with no schools in and businesses and shops shutting early and from what I hear there isn't going to be much let up, with more snow to come! My Dad managed to get stranded at Granny's last night and I'm so evil I didn't have much sympathy for him. It wasn't necessary that he travel, so he shouldn't have gone out in my opinion! The buses apparently stopped at 7pm, so he was left shivering at the bus stop and shouting down the phone at us. He had to wait for a taxi and it cost £25, so lesson learned there I reckon! I've been so tired I haven't made it outside into the snow, it's a pity I hadn't taken photos before it turned all slushy and patchy. When snow is falling, I think it's just the prettiest thing and when it's all swirly you feel like you're in a snow globe, it's so cool.
I'm getting slightly frustrated that all the parcels I was expecting haven't turned up yet (or indeed any mail today), even our Tesco delivery was cancelled (yep, we're going to starve). I reckon I have about 4 or 5 orders currently 'in transit' (i.e. stuck in snow!). I keep adding to my wishlist too (for when I eventually repay what I'm due my sister-which is going to be next year at this rate). I'm really wanting to try the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation (maybe 1c1 Shell, above), I've heard great things about it. After browsing the site there's several more items I'm adding to my list-they have some fabulous gifts sets for Christmas just now. The incentives of free delivery and samples with every order is extremely enticing too!
There have been so many great Eyeko offers that I wish I could've taken advantage of, over the past few weeks. Today on the site is another (brand new selection) Big Surprise Gift Set for £10 instead of £20. Remember to enter my ambassador code E11752 on all orders and spend another fiver and you'll get a free gift. The gift set is only available for 48 hours, so don't delay!

I'm refusing to take any more photos for the blog until I sort through the masses I already have for reviews and things. I've been so disorganised lately, taking photos and then forgetting or rather finding something else to post about and pushing the original to the back of the queue! I hope you've all been watching my shoe haul video and I'll be posting better quality images next of that for you. There probably won't be any updates to The Shoe Girl Diaries for the next few days as it's too slippy for me to get out. Happy St Andrews Day to all my Scottish lovelies and let me know how the weather is with you just now, wherever you are.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Shoe Haul

No posts over the weekend, because I've been super busy working on this video of my latest shoe hauls. Hope you like it-comment on my youtube channel! I may post the images here at some point, as the quality is a little lost in the vid...maybe shouldn't have worn those tights with hindsight. How's the weather with you? Pretty snowy here, so not much happening. Oh and I managed to order the Miss Selfridge boots I missed out on...just hope they fit, if they ever arrive through the snow!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Marry Me?

Sometimes I love to browse furniture and other items that I would buy for my house, when (hopefully), in the future I have my own home. Sometimes I love the items so much, I want to purchase them to keep for when that time comes, because more often than not they will be unavailable then. Considering my parents built a shed to store all my crap when I came home though, I think there's a limit on what I can keep. Today I discovered these absolutely, gob-smacking, jaw dropping gorgeous chairs that I want so badly. I'm sure you've all heard of the 'ghost chairs' by Phillip Starck for Kartell, but these feature this amazing Barbie sketch and come in pale pink.
They are available in 'Louis' (adults size, £864 for 4) or children's size 'Lou Lou' (£331 for 4) from Yoox. I'd probably only want one for now as I'd have absolutely no place to store 3 extra chairs-although I can't even begin to fathom how ridiculously cool it would be to have a set of 4 around your dining table-immense! I'll have to shop around and see if I can find a single and whether I can afford it in the near future (that list is getting longer and longer). I can say though, if someone bought me these, I'd marry them on the spot!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Pearl Lowe Gold Crochet Dress

The 'Melanie' gold crochet dress is now available from the Pearl Lowe range at Peacocks in sizes 8-18, £40.
The sold out Peggy lace prom dress is available again in limited numbers (every size apart from 12). Now all I need to know is if they'll ever add the black lacey one Pearl wore to the launch...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Senso Wilma Pink Leopard Are Here!

Hotness! They came at ten to seven last night, then 20 minutes later my New Look shoes arrived too-what is it with late deliveries? Ok, they are gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but impossible to get on! I went up a whole size (as recommended) and got the US9 which is a 39 (or size 6 here). I got one foot in fine, but the other I collapsed in exhaustion with the boot half on and shoe horn sticking out, I was knackered!
I decided I would try again today with tights on and finally managed to get my foot in. It's difficult though and my foot is usually marked and sore afterwards from trying so hard! The heel section really curves in, which I hate on shoes, because your foot in real life doesn't (seeing as it's attached to your ankle) and that's where the struggle begins. Which leads me onto the other problem, your leg is attached to your foot, if it wasn't these would be easy street...I'm saying this in jest, but actually that's where the problem was with me, my leg got in the way and filled the opening hence why I couldn't get in and there's nothing you can do, you just have to keep pushing and hope. It's a shame there isn't a zip opening somewhere for ease and comfort, because once my foot is in, they're actually quite roomy and I probably could have gone for my regular size. Looking at them on the foot, they are absolutely, jaw dropping stunning! They are super bright and that Charlotte Olympia style platform is superb. I spent a couple of hours today taking 200 photos of new shoes I've bought over the past couple of months including my Wilma boots, so look out for that coming soon...!

24 24 24 + Pink 4 Friday

Today is the 24th November and Helen Rochfort is offering £24 off her beautiful bags for 24 hours (see the theme?), from 9am today. Here's just a selection above, enter code 242424HR at checkout and delivery is free within the UK.
Further freaky sales news...Nicki Minaj has teamed up with MAC to release an exclusive pink lipstick celebrating the release of her debut album Pink Friday. The bright, creamy, satin shade will only be available for sale on a Friday for the next 4 weeks (starting this week). Strange but true and kinda cool and kinda stupid. Pink 4 Friday lipstick will be priced at £12.50 and I love the imagery here...very doll like and now I'm totally wanting to go a shade or two lighter for Barbie pink hair! Not to mention it's making me want those ridiculous Pleaser boots that I've been lemming for years more and more!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Illamasqua Nail Quills

Illamasqua have just launched a really exciting nail product. The Nail Quills £35 are hand made, bespoke falsies designed by Mike Pocock for Illamasqua. They are intended to be worn on the thumb nails and are shaped (as you'd expect) like a pen quill in matte black with silver point. They remind me of something Cruella De Vil would wear and I've always secretly longed for trashy and scary talons!
These are definitely scary but much more flashy than trashy and I'd definitely wear them. They come boxed, very like cuff links (!) and with glue and sticky tabs. They are a little pricey but are one of a kind and super exclusive (only available at Illamasqua online and their London flagship store), so I reckon they're worth it. FYI the perfect accompaniment for your other nails is the new Illamasqua matte black nail varnish in Scorn. I also have an Illamasqua order to show you that I got a few weeks ago...pretty cute!

Back To Business

The Shoe Girl Diaries is back!! So exciting : ) Not so exciting is my Senso Wilma boots not arriving. I paid the customs charge on Saturday and it said they would be delivered today. My sister placed an order with Karmaloop (days after mine) and hers arrived from the US yesterday (the guy asked us to pay customs at the door), plus she paid under £15 and mine cost nearly £30 for goods of a lesser value, how does that work? I had to pay £8 for handling etc, whereas she only had to pay £1.24. Parcelforce are ripping me off, teehee!! I'm just frustrated because the shoes have been sitting in the depot since Friday and they could be on my feet! Anyway, I'm sure they'll turn up tomorrow.

Lanvin H&M-No Chance!

I didn't get up at 7am for Lanvin Loves H&M, seeing as Christmas is coming and I literally have no money whatsoever, I couldn't really ask anyone to lend it to me as I'm already due loads. I did want to see what was happening though, so at 9 I switched on the computer and got this message (above) a trillion times. I'd heard the stuff online was sold out, but I couldn't figure out how, as I was getting nowhere (not even getting on the site, never mind seeing the Lanvin stuff). My page refreshed itself just now though (after 10am) and right enough all the ladieswear was gone. You can buy one pair of trousers, a cap or bow tie, from the mens range and that's it. Who knows what I would've felt, had I been able to see something in stock and add to my basket- I think I would've been sorely tempted, especially if it was that grey tulle dress or the shoes. I wasn't holding out much hope though-this type of manic shopping experience occurs all too often these days and mainly leaves you feeling depressed and like you've missed out on something. How is it though that those scammer eBay types manage to secure so many items to resell at ridiculous Buy It Now prices when those that genuinely want a piece can't even get near? That sucks!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Pearl Lowe Peacocks 'Cherry' Dress

First up from my Pearl Lowe Peacocks Christmas dresses is 'Cherry', the beaded black tea dress. It features large fabric covered buttons all down the centre front (with elasticated loop fastenings) and no other opening, personally I find it easy enough to pull on without undoing any buttons. The shoulders feature a light smocking detail and inside there is a padded, quilted strip of fabric to give a little lift to the shoulders (a similar idea to a shoulder pad, but not as defined).
My camera would only allow me to take photos if my hand broke up the black image! Above shows the beading around the sleeve. Below, the large buttons and beading down the front and the lower image shows the smocking detail on the shoulder. The video I took probably shows the details better.
Down the centre front, you'll see rows of black beading which is echoed around the bottom of the short sleeves. The dress has a real heavy feel to it, in part due to the beading. It's a shame it's 100% polyester, but it does hang beautifully and really flatters. There are several seams (under the bust, at the waist) and tucks (under the bust) to provide that perfect fit. I must admit I had some doubts about purchasing this due to the fact it cost £45 seeing as I felt it was very similar in style to the green and lilac floral tea dress from the Spring collection which if I remember correctly was around £25. When it arrived though and I saw just how much beading was involved in it, I realised it was worth that little bit more. This is one of these dresses, that I'll wear time and time again, as it's such a classic. The length if I remember, just hits my knee (I'm around 5 ft 5"), so it'll look great with tights or bare legs.

H&M Lanvin Tomorrow!!

I'm trying to find out which UK H&M stores will carry Lanvin, but keep being led to this link which is of no help at all. I reckon I should be seeing something regarding the stores along the bottom of the screen, but all I can see is a white gap. It's really annoying! I'm using Internet Explorer, so is it just that, can anyone else see it? I've tried changing the zoom level but that doesn't help (and it doesn't move up or down). I'll maybe have to try on my sisters laptop tonight which has a bigger screen and she uses firefox.
I don't know why I'm stressing, it's not like I have any money to buy any of it anyway...but I really wanted to try and get something ; )

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Eyeko Half Price Set & Free Gift

Until midnight tomorrow night (Monday), Eyeko are offering this Big Surprise Gift Set worth £20 for £10. Filled with full size products from the current line up, there's bound to be something you fall in love with! Spend another fiver and use my Ambassador code E11752 for a free surprise gift as well!

Dark Lipstick Swatches Part 3/3

The final installment of the dark lipstick swatches, you'll find part 1 here and part 2 here. These are probably some of the darkest of the bunch. In all of these posts, I've tried to take photos of the lipsticks in a light that you can see roughly what colour they are, but if I were to show you an image like the one below, you can see just how dark they really are.
Versace Hydrating Lipstick in V2010-C (discontinued I think), very pigmented, opaque, plum purple.
Pout Two Timer (discontinued) this is a lighter, brighter purple with pink undertones and a shimmery metallic quality.
Urban Decay Vinyl, looks dark purple in the tube, but is actually quite sheer with rosy tan undertones and sporadic shimmer. I hate the scent of UD lipsticks, it's liquorice and stinks! What's worse is if you lick your lips, never, ever do that, it's disgusting!
Playboy Stiletto Lipstick 61 Exposed, this particular lipstick is supposed to be sheer, it's a browny wine shade.
MeMeMe Ultra Duo Double Colour in 6 Naomi (discontinued I think, has a pink shimmery shade on the other side), a thick pigmented colour, wine burgundy.
Topshop Lips in Ruthless, black in the tube and has a definite black tone to it but is actually very deep purple, you'll get a really strong gothic look with this, has a lovely velvet matte finish.
Revlon Super Lustrous in 663 Va Va Violet, this is my newest addition and is purple but more burgundy than Topshop and is very buildable, so you can achieve a lighter look with this if that's preferred.
NYX Round Lipstick in 503 Medusa, this feels much more slippery than the others, it's very glossy and has sporadic shimmer throughout, it's blackcurrant jam colour.
Calvin Klein Lip Color Wash in Wine (discontinued), another sheer lipstick, although it's darker than the Playboy one, a browny wine. I've paired this in the past with a really dark lipliner and achieved a very dark lip (my profile pic).
Barry M Lip Paint in 92 Chestnut Red, just look at how opaque this is! This is like a pleather, thick brown pigment and will give you that precise vampy lip that you so often see in the beauty pages of magazines. It's definitely more vamp than goth.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

I Want This...

Ever since those Chloe Sevigny Opening Ceremony wedges, I've been obsessed with shoes with that type of ornate buckle detail. The latest are these super sexy 'Performer' heels from ASOS. I think I marginally prefer the cream (£50), although I keep changing my mind. For some reason you'll pay less for the black (£45). Aren't they gorgeous?

Swatches: Boots Haul (Soap & Glory, Lancome, Revlon)

Here's a selection of swatches from my Boots haul (see that post for more details). The top row are all Soap & Glory (click to enlarge). Starting with the double ended Arch de Triumph pencil containing a pink white highlighter and taupe coloured brow shaper. Next is Marvelips, another pencil duo with an iridescent highlighter and dark rust lipliner. Trick & Treat is a yellow undereye concealer, there's a very faint golden sheen to this and maybe even sporadic shimmer. I tried to blend it a little at the top of the swatch to show how it would really look when applied. Finally I got two of the Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumpers in Pink Apricot (LE Christmas shade) and they are both completely different! You can see in one that it is much lighter, but the underside of the tube is darker apricot coloured like the other gloss. Perhaps it's just the way it's been sitting in the box (it's not like it has separated, it just needs mixed I think). I hope you can see it in the product images (it's not the light, it really is that different)-it's quite funny!
The lower swatches are all Lancome with the exception of Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss in 150 Peach Petal which is MAC's Creme D'Nude lipstick in lipgloss form (that's the best way to describe it). A very pale milky peach nude. L'Absolu Rouge lipstick in 282 Beige Splendide didn't photograph well, in real life it's a pale nude with fine, sporadic gold shimmer. Color Fever Gloss in 200 Beige Paradise is a brown infused with multi coloured glitter. I made the little video below, mainly so you could see just how sparkly this is under light, it's amazing. Even given the lack of daylight today, it's easy to see this is a show stopper! Finally the two L'Absolu Creme De Brilliance in 258 Rose Boudoir, a rosy brown and 257 Rose Mythique a bright red pink, both with sporadic shimmer. 257 actually leaves behind a strong fuchsia stain (even after washing my hands several times). It was raining today, so there's actually raindrops on my hand in places-sorry! Oh and I forgot to photograph the Revlon lipstick I bought, but it will be swatched with the dark lipsticks, so look out for it.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Dark Lipstick Swatches Part 2/3

This little selection of lipsticks are more raspberry, wine toned shades than the previous swatches. You can find part 1 here and the final part (really dark and purples) should be following soon.
F2 (Fudge) Energy Lip Colour in 19 (Moisturising Frost), now discontinued, this has an almost metallic finish, it's a very rich, vivid raspberry shade with flecks of shimmer to add depth, a really stunning colour.
Lancome Color Fever in 125 Drapee De Rouge, slightly more dull than the F2, there's a pinky tan undertone to this but it's a deep burgundy.
Lancome Color Fever in PS Kiss (US Limited Edition), I've swatched this before and always said it's extremely similar to Drapee De Rouge (even although they may not look similar in the tube). I did find though that it doesn't have the same undertones as DDR, this continues with burgundy all the way through making it ever so slightly deeper.
Wet n Wild Mega Color in Berry Crush, a bright rich raspberry (brighter than F2), has a shimmery not quite metallic finish to it.
Christian Dior Rouge Dior in 976 Plum Plot contains a subtle gold shimmer sheen throughout and is a plum burgundy.
MAC Amplified in Dark Deed, you can just see sporadic shimmer in the tube, but that doesn't show in the swatch. There's an almost black undertone to this, so it comes out a very dark plum.

I've included 2 swatch images, both without the flash, but taken in slightly different lights. As always, click images to enlarge.

Your Help Is Required...

Quick question...I have just enough money left in my paypal account to purchase these dotty ruffle shoes from New Look. I'm wondering whether I'll need a size 5 or 6? You know I often find myself needing a 6 these days, but I haven't bought New Look shoes for years and don't know if they run small or large or true to size. Can anyone help me out?
In the past I've found these shaped shoes very small and have required a bigger size...but the style above isn't the same shape, so perhaps a 5 would do? As they are open toed, I don't want a massive gap at the front if they are too big, but with that back zip opening, I usually find they run a little small.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Some Updates...

I've updated the discount code post I made the other day as there is 25% off everything at Evans (today only) and 20% off at Wallis (today and tomorrow), see that post for more details. Also an update to the Clinique offer. I'm also still updating my blog roll, so if you have a style (beauty, fashion, fatshion) blog and would like your link on mine, then please leave a comment with your blog name and link.
A little update from Eyeko-you now have to spend £15 to qualify for their Ambassador code or online code gifts (but the gifts have generally been of more value since the change). They have some great value sets currently on the site in limited stock. Remember to enter my code E11752 with all orders and if you don't like the current Eyeko site gift (or perhaps you already have it, then don't enter any other code and you will receive a free surprise gift (when spending £15) just by using E11752). If you do like the site gift then enter that in the comments box (this week it's GLITTER for the free glitter eyeliner shown), plus enter my code where it says 'ambassador code', so they know I've sent you (and I earn some pennies from every order I make), whoopie!

Speaking of whoopie, we've become obsessed with whoopie pies in our house! We bought some at the weekend which were absolutely gorgeous, then Mum baked some more. They turned out way bigger than expected, so half is more than enough for me. Will this be an end to the cupcake obsession? I doubt it!
Part 2 of the dark lipstick swatches will be coming shortly and my Pearl Lowe dresses arrived yesterday from Peacocks!! I was super excited. The lace one is STUNNING, it's a little tight over the bust for me and I'm not sure what to do about it. There's a white slip/lining and if that wasn't there it would probably be ok (albeit sheer, but I could wear a camisole underneath). The slip isn't removable though, it is attached at certain points of the dress including the back zip, so it's not really something I can simply cut out. I'm not keen on the slip anyway-it's a little 'cheap'...I'll have to see. There are layers and layers of tulle and linings, so it really sits all puffy and full and I love the scalloped hem. The white (black lace bow) one is cute but I'm not used to wearing white and I'm very self conscious in it, but perhaps with a slip underneath (and control pants!) I'd feel better. The black one is another gorgeous one, I didn't realise the amount of beading in it and it's very flattering-hopefully some images to follow when the lighting is better. If you're pondering whether or not to purchase, I say if you've got the money, go for it! The dresses I bought were very good quality and although I tend not to spend that amount on one dress, it was worth it in this case. I did feel the sizing wasn't as generous as previous collections or maybe it's me getting bigger (whoopie pies to blame)!
Also, where the hell are the other 2 dresses? I really want the one Pearl is wearing and Peacocks haven't replied to my facebook messages, grrr! Was that pink dress always £50 btw? I notice it is today (I thought it was either £40 or £45).

Finally The Shoe Girl Diaries-I'm really, really missing posting every day. The truth is, I forgot how little I leave the house in the winter (it's been roughly once a week if I'm lucky), so I just haven't been wearing proper clothes or shoes. It kinda sucks though because I see all the lovely items I've bought recently and I'm not getting any wear out of them. I fully intend to get back into a routine with the blog though, because I love doing it (and I need to break the rather unattractive pj bottoms/no makeup look)...so stay tuned and thanks for still visiting the archives every day.

Welcome To The Kandee Shop

Nope I'm not talking about that 50 Cent song, but gorgeous, adorable, amazing shoes! Through some sort of twisted fate (me having zero money-boo), I stumbled upon this astounding collection of shoes a wee while back, that leave me literally salivating. Josh Wayman came up with the idea of Kandee and he had a vision for shoes inspired by candy in terms of colour, the materials used, even the packaging. The shapes take inspiration from vintage shoe designs, which is definitely more visible in the earlier collection (not the shoes I've chosen here). The idea was to give the wearer beautiful 'edible' shoes and he's 100% succeeded. The website is a sweet tooth lovers absolute dream and you know I'm girly to the max, so it's right up my street. Think pretty pastels shades, good enough to eat (with names to match) in sumptuous materials and I'm loving the studding details for a bit of contrast. These platform courts above £129 (Lime Sours, Lemon Sours, Chocolate Limes (£139), Raspberry Sours, Liquorice Allsole and Vice Versas) are so visually appealing with their contrasting soles (always a winner for me)-I just want to stroke them!

I absolutely must have these 'Blue Raspberry Dragee' sandals £150 though-seriously! I'm going to save for them once I get some money (perhaps my first purchase of 2011-no joke). I'm almost speechless when I see them, I love the shape (very YSL), the studs, that strange misplaced peep toe and that soft powder blue colour is utterly gorgeous.
Another pair top of my wishlist are these 'Diamonds' platforms £269. If ever I saw a modern Cinderella shoe, this is it. I love how it looks as though you've dropped diamonds and they've fallen between the spikes. Even the sole is glittery pewter! Only 60 pairs of these have been made (worldwide), so the likelihood of me managing to get my mitts on them are slim, but I'm going to do my best to try! Can you imagine how much they would enhance The Shoe Girl Diaries? Heehee!
Another couple of pairs I like are Limited Edition Peanut in Smooth (no spikes) £149 or Crunchy (shown below, with spikes) £199-I told you the names were cute! Crunchy are sold out in all sizes other than 40 and 41 though.
Finally, Cherry Bomb (above) £159 are grown up heels with a twist. They have a chunkier heel than the others, but still feature that lovely stud detail. You'll also find wedges, more ankle boots and all sorts of pumps on the site, definitely worth a visit and you can buy directly from the website. I can't wait to see the designs and colour combinations that come next-I'm sure this range will just get better and better! (Hope Santa reads this post) x x x