Friday, 14 May 2021

Flashback Beauty Friday 24: MAC Venomous Villains (Cruella) Lipglass

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MAC Cruella De Vil themed lipgloss and box on Cruella postcard and spotty background
Week 24 of our visit to an old beauty item and I couldn't resist sharing this piece today, after the launch of The Disney Cruella Collection by MAC yesterday. It's to coincide with the new live action film coming out later this month. I bought a few bits, so I'm hoping to get photos up once they arrive. Before we start, if you missed my post last week, it was the MAC Graphic Garden eye palette, MAC two weeks in a row, I know, but...!
MAC Cruella De Vil lipgloss on spotty background and Cruella postcard

Friday, 7 May 2021

Flashback Beauty Friday 23: MAC Graphic Garden Eyeshadow

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black and white eyeshadow palette with hologram cover
Bit of a late post as it's been a mentally draining few days. I just needed to breathe today and I've felt a headache coming on for hours.  I don't think I slept that well last night, I remember waking at half 5 and needing to go to the toilet and contemplated just not going back to sleep, then realised that was a bad idea!  Anyway, last week I took you back about 15 years to a Stila limited edition release with The Pussycat Dolls and today I have a MAC 2009 launch.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Beauty Lately...

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beauty products sitting against Barbie doll face backdrop with Beauty Lately title in white lettering over the top
It's been a while since a Beauty Lately... post, though last night I checked back and thought "March 24th? That was just over a week ago, I thought it was longer since I posted". Then I realised, we're in May now! So more like 5 weeks. I've still been photographing bits for these posts, so hopefully I'll get back to regular posting and get caught up.

Friday, 30 April 2021

Flashback Beauty Friday 22: Stila Pussycat Dolls 4 Pan

open Stila makeup palette with burlesque dancer illustration on one side and 3 eyeshadow and 1 blush pan on other side
Hello lovelies, hope you're all alright. Back to Friday and our usual jaunt down memory lane with some old limited edition or discontinued beauty products. Last week I picked a No7 highlighter and this week, it's a special Stila release.

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Irregular Choice Bag Collection

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collection of Irregular Choice handbags on brightly coloured background
I don't know what to call these bags, so the title is a bit vague, sorry! This is the next post in my Irregular Choice bag collection series, which has been ongoing since 2019. I haven't published a collective bag post this year, but this one is the biggest yet and I believe is the largest amount I have of one style. I think! I bought my first one, Flounder, in 2016, though the style had already been around a few years prior. I therefore tend to refer to these as the "Flounder bag style", but that's only relative to me I suppose and since The Little Mermaid launch at the end of 2019, when actual Flounder featured on bags, it's maybe a bit confusing to call them that. I suppose their shape is a little reminiscent of a doctors bag, but again with the likes of Doctor Dino, which just relaunched last week and is a different shape to this, it would maybe be confusing. I was going to title it "flap bags" but it sounded rude! They are the B107 if you're into style numbers (don't care for numbers myself). Remember when I first started these posts, I'd said I'd photographed groups of bags together previously, but by the time it came to editing them, they were outdated as I'd added more to my collection? Well these bags, were one of the culprits. Back in March 2019, I photographed all 5 of my collection (eh, oopsy) and the photos you're seeing today are as of October 2020 (I haven't added any since, phew). I can't think of another shape I have more than 12 of, so I reckon this is my biggest collection, but there are other colours out there, don't consider this the complete set.  
collection of 12 Irregular Choice handbags in circle