Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pearl Lowe/Peacocks Haul

Unfortunately the reports were true girls, the Pearl Lowe at Peacocks dresses are £40 each : ( I know compared to some high-street stores this is still relatively inexpensive, but for the reasons I mentioned yesterday it sucks! What's worse is there's no free delivery on the site, which I think is really rude when you're placing an expensive order. Every time I've bought PL before, I find they have some sort of discount the next week-so I was torn with whether to get burned or wait and risk the styles I like selling out. Firstly, the gingham dress isn't there (although I'm not too concerned with that). Shown above are Enid (pale pink butterfly) same style as my black with green flowers. Joy, the floral one I really wanted and Mable which is like my beloved blue polka dot one. Below you have Greta (black polka dot and butterfly), Rainbow which I was never keen on and new version of Honey (the colours were reversed last season). Initially I added all 5 to my basket (minus the red), but that's costing me £200 (oh and don't forget £3.95 delivery). While I have that money, I'm not sure I want to spend it all on only 5 dresses. I ended up taking Mable out of my basket because I'm worried I'll look massive in white, although I love the style! Then I did my usual checking the stock thingy and the pale pink and floral are the ones with fewest stock, so I made the massive decision to delete both the black ones and leave them for when I can hopefully get them a little cheaper. It's going to stress me out because I can already tell I'll be checking the website like crazy every day and I do really want them. I also wanted the Peacocks boat cardigan I featured a few weeks ago, so there were only two left in my size so I got that too. I did manage to find a 10% off though which you're welcome to use, it's PEAC10. I have no idea when it expires, but it's better than nothing. What did you get? Or were you put off by the prices too?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Inspiretty #63

I hope you're not tiring of my Liz Taylor posts! I'm just loving all these old pics of her right now. I like this one because she's a little more casual and not quite as 'done', it's a pleasant change to be removed from the uber glam, it's really cute. Plus you rarely saw her with long hair.

Out Tomorrow

Gee that's been a fair few posts I've managed today! That's what happens when I don't have The Shoe Girl Diaries too! I didn't make it outside today because I was getting my hair bleached (finally) and it's been been raining mostly all day so I couldn't be bothered getting soaked. Just a reminder that Pearl Lowe is out at Peacocks tomorrow. It's usually up on the site by 9am, so I think I'll get up early for it, although I'm still not sure what I want. Click here to familiarise yourself with the preview, the red dress is out for me as is probably the gingham one. The floral I really want and the bow one probably. The other one we hadn't seen and I finally found an image of was this one above. I think it's based on the blue/white spotty one which remains my all time favourite. I do wish the spots were larger on this and/or it was white on black rather than the other way around (purely because I don't feel comfortable in white). It has the same sleeves, belt and little nips and tucks like the blue one, although it doesn't seem sheer to me and they've added some buttons down the front which is a nice touch. The dresses are supposedly £40 which I'm a little miffed at. This range started off very affordable and over time has become more and more expensive and the quality doesn't always reflect that. It used to be great because you could afford to buy the entire collection, but now you have to be more choosy. Plus, some of these dresses do not look like they are worth £40, so I'm really hoping I get a good surprise tomorrow.

Loves It

Blogger is still pissing me off with this paragraph/line break nonsense-sort it out because I'm struggling with html!!I received this Liebster Blog award tag thingy from the lovely Char of T*Rexes and Tiaras. It's meant for those smaller scale bloggers (less than 300 followers-ish) and I get to award it to 3 more bloggers. Those I would like to pass it onto are: Rai of Blargle Fargle who showcases the cutest and prettiest dresses and prints (and jewellery) you'll find on the high-street and always looks so happy doing so! She also draws really cute cartoon images plus she's been experimenting with lots of lovely hair colours lately, v pretty! Daisy from A Penny For Your Shoes: this Belgian blogger loves shoes (obvi)! You'll find gorgeous outfit/footwear posts and non-stop designer and UK high-street shoe finds that'll make you want to spend your pennies (you've been warned). Llara of Little Scribbler-firstly I need a big 'yay' for all the fabby Scottish bloggers right now, there's getting to be quite a few of us, yipee! Anyway, every time I visit Little Scribbler, I laugh out loud, really I do. She has the same sense of humour and sarcasm as me, not to mention she loves shoes (Irregular Choice-yay) and posts outfits and shoe piccies...and she's maybe the only other person in Scotland with the same Senso Diffusion pink leopard Wilma boots as me...anyone care to disagree and make us triplets?

Love Laura Ashley

I try not to look on the Laura Ashley website very often because a) I see far too much I wish to purchase and b) more importantly, I can't afford any of it! I saw a couple of absolutely gorgeous dresses in Look yesterday though and reluctantly clicked onto the website today. Uh-oh, turns out there's a lot more than a couple of dresses I would like (and I'm sure you will too). In all honesty, I don't know if I could justify spending £100 on one dress, whether I love it to pieces or happen to have a spare £100. I really don't. However you're definitely buying quality, you can just tell from looking at the images. If you don't believe me take my Mum's word for it when I showed her the mag spread last night "Oh Gemma, they're lovely...they're quality, beautiful", thanks Mummy! What I didn't realise was that most of their clothes come in sizes 8-20..that means I would actually fit their dress, hmmmm! Here's my favourites and also some cardigans and then I had to stop myself from looking any further! The vintage postcard and waterside striped dresses above are the two I'm going to die for. The more I look, the more I want! Drool, drool. £100 each and Char of T*Rexes & Tiaras owns them both. Me jel much? Totally! All clothing sizes 8-20 unless otherwise stated. Bunting cardigan £56 Pink or blue posy cardigans £70 each Blue posy dress £125 (die) Blue or pink rose or yellow bird print dresses (die) £125 (sizes 8-18) Bird print cardigan £70

Out Now: G Of The Sea

Yes ladies, G Of The Sea, the latest Harajuku Lovers fragrance is out now! I've just ordered mine from Fragrance Direct. It appears the UK is only getting the 30ml for now anyway (Wicked Style 10ml came out months after the initial release). Fragrance Direct have the cheapest deal at £16.99 (UK standard delivery is £1.95). My local Boots didn't have any today, but it is available online at £20 if you would like to collect some advantage card points with your purchase. Or Debenhams have it for £20 plus they have a special deal if you have a beauty card. Either £5 off when you spend £40 on beauty instore or 10% off online when you purchase two beauty or fragrance items only valid until April 3rd. Finally it's available at The Perfume Shop for £19.50 and they offer free delivery on all orders. There's no news of any GWP's, but I couldn't wait any longer for my little mermaid anyway, I want her now!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Inspiretty #62

I'm still on Elizabeth Taylor for my Inspiretty. I think she's absolutely stunning in this image, a total goddess. What's funny is this picture could've been taken yesterday-the fashion has come full circle (a million times) and any glam woman of today could be seen in a dress like this.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Inspiretty #61

Look what arrived today!! Ghoulia Yelps, the gorgeous zombie Monster High doll. I love dolls with glasses, it's sooo cute!

Boots Haul (No7 Poppy King & 17)

As I mentioned earlier, I went to Dundee at the weekend to go to Boots. On Friday I wasted my day by going into town only to realise they didn't stock the new Poppy King/No7 lipsticks, so it was off to a bigger store on Saturday. I had three of those £5 No7 vouchers to use by Sunday and wanted to get these lipsticks before they sold out! So this was my little haul. I bought the No7 nail polish separately along with one of the lipsticks (to use the vouchers), then bought the other two lipsticks together to get the free gift (when you spend £22). So I'll start with the freebies... A nice little wallet with some skincare items, a mini Lash 360 mascara, cute as can be eyeshadow compact and a full size Sheer Temptation lipstick in 40 Lovely. Then the Poppy King lipsticks. You really have to go and try these for yourself because the colour in the tube can be very deceiving. I can't say I was overly enamoured with any in the flesh, but once I swatched them, I realised they were more my style. There is also coordinating lipglosses, but to be honest, I found the colour of these a little too strong (more like what the lipstick looks like in the tube) and so I didn't get any. They are a little more pricey than the regular line (£12 each) and I was convinced they were smaller (there's barely anything to twist up) but the weight is similar to most other lipsticks so I guess not! I got shades Number Four Seduction, Number Five Intrigue and Number 6 Confidence. They tend to go on much more sheer than they look here. I'm sorry I didn't have time for swatches, I will do at some stage, I just rushed these pics on Saturday to get them up here. Then I needed something else to get with another voucher and didn't have a clue...a quick look at the nail polish and it was between this or a dark jade. I went for 62 Night Silver and I hope it comes out the dark pewter shimmer it looks in the bottle. Once I got it home, I realised it was perhaps more sheer or clear with sparkles-I hope this isn't the case as I've been looking for a shade like this for ages. Then I got some 17 things. They had sold out of the new Barry M Instant Nail effects colours, so I opted instead for the new 17 Crackle Top coat. It's a really lovely antique greeny gold shimmer in the bottle and although I quickly topped it over Eyeko Vintage polish it still gave a lovely effect. Usually I would try something with more of a contrast, but this is actually subtle and quite pretty. I would say first impressions are I actually prefer it to Barry M! It seems to give a more uniform, neat pattern and doesn't feel as bumpy as BM. You never know what you're going to get with BM, but this seemed to go on easier and I like the finish. I also picked up a couple of their new nail polish colours (3 for 2) Supreme Shine in Wave (turquoise) and the other shade was for my Mum. (yes I realise my wrist looks like I've been on the autopsy table in CSI-it was the pearl bracelet I'd just removed)!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Best: Cheap Dresses

Who can resist some super cheap dresses? Not me, apparently! I've been dithering over which dresses to get from Tesco for weeks now and just when I'd made up my mind, they add a ton of new designs! I've placed an order for three so far and see how I get on with them, before ordering some more. Absolutely every dress in this post is £25 or less and they're all really wearable so that whole cost per wear thingy would be totally insane! So here's a rundown of the best you can buy right now, some you've seen before and some you haven't... Let's start with Tesco, the Florence & Fred dresses are mostly sized 6-22 which is great. You can also use these codes (some run out sooner than others, so I'll just give you them all to try), £10 off when you spend £40 (either SMSPRING, AFFSPRING or EMSPRING). Plus all deliveries over £50 are delivered for free. Above: £18, £25, £18 (I've ordered the 1st and 3rd), not sure if the middle one is cute or naff, Below: All £25 (want the 1st one but will it be too booby on me like the Matalan one?), still prefer the Peacocks cherry one, although this one is cute and the spotty is nice but not must-have for me. Below: £25, £25, £18, am managing to resist these for now, although the 1st one is pretty cute!Below: £18, £25, £18 (ordered the 1st one, love the colours and preferred that over the white one-yay for my willpower), neeed the middle one too! Below: £16, £25, £16, while I love the 1st one in theory I'm not sure how it would look on me, really want the heart one and gutted the polka dot isn't in my size anymore. Matalan, well you know my mishap with these dresses last week. The Be Beau range only goes up to an 18 (and the fit appears to be pretty small), you can find 20's in their other ranges though. Above: £25, £18, £20, I have the middle dress in 3 other colours and could be tempted to buy another! Below: £25, £25, £20 (playsuit), yes I'm still sobbing over these dresses! Below: £16 (playsuit), £16, £18 Below: £14, £25 (jumpsuit also available), £14. I'm still gutted that I missed out on the cherry prom dress and both of the lace collar tea dresses from Peacocks. Problem is with dresses this cheap, you need to move fast! Above: £22, £20, £20, I love the first two, will definitely try and get them. Below: £22, £24 (jumpsuit), £18. Below: £22, £20 (playsuit), £22, still would like these two dresses! Anything take your fancy? I'm so bored of my dresses currently, that I'll definitely be placing another order at Tesco and my wishlist is ever growing!