Wednesday, 26 April 2017

It's Back: Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

In the Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar my Mum kindly bought me last year, was this rather inconspicuous looking tube of sleep cream. Now, I do plan (have been planning for months actually, but crappy health got in the way), mini reviews of each of the products in this calendar (because there were some real gems). Anyway this cream, I liked the sound of, but the plain packaging wasn't doing much for me, so it's likely not the type of thing I'd be attracted to try normally. How wrong I was! I would actually buy this for it's divine and dreamy scent alone. Applying it makes me all warm and fuzzy and I feel like I'm proper pampering myself, it feels so luxurious. I was hooked from the first application, so before I'd even finished the tube, I went online to buy more. I had to have it! I couldn't, it was sold out. This stuff has since been impossible to get hold of, like it's gone from everywhere and has a waiting list of thousands apparently! If you read the reviews, you'll see many similar stories to mine, having searched for the full size after trialling it and not being able to get hold of it. Weeks turned into months and I'll be honest I'd kind of given up hope that I'd get my hands on it. formula absolute ultimate sleep cream

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Irregular Choice: Rainbunny (Jelly Bunny) Heels

Hot on the heels (sorry!) of the mermaid wedge, Irregular Choice released a brand new version of the bunny heel that kick-started the character heel genre exactly 4 years ago. Perfect for Easter time, the new heel came in an array of bright candy colours and was entirely see-through. With two styles and five choices overall, I opted for Rainbunny in pink. Irregular Choice Rainbunny
Much like the Aquata mermaids I chose, Rainbunny have extremely detailed uppers. There's so many extra little trims and things, so I'll point them all out.  The shoe itself is a slip on style with a small (3/4") concealed platform that we're accustomed to seeing with these heel heights. The uppers have that oil-slick finish we all love so much and it's a very warm and sickly sweet shade of pink. Irregular Choice Rainbunny shoes