Friday, 25 November 2016

Irregular Choice Cinderella: So This Is Love Review

Hello! Today I have another Irregular Choice Cinderella review for you and a pair you haven't yet seen on Shoesday Tuesday (the only pair I haven't had time to photograph)! For me, with most collections like these, there's a stand-out style that I'm really seeking from the out-set, then there's a pair that surprise me that I end up really loving when I see them in the flesh. For Cinderella, the latter occurred with this pair, aptly named So This Is Love (STIL). irregular choice so this is love shoes

Monday, 21 November 2016

Lancome: The O Beauty Set 2016

Hello gang! Oh my goodness last week just wasn't going my way. I had a scare a week past Saturday, we ended up having to phone for an ambulance for me (we've never phoned 999 before). I was in tremendous pain, it didn't feel normal for me and when it got unbearable, there were no arguments from me about phoning for help, which is a pretty good indication of how bad it was! Anyway I'm fine now, a little spooked by the whole thing, but decided upon a stress free week to recover. The universe had other ideas. On Tuesday I settled down to blog about my new shoes for Shoesday Tuesday and the editor I use online was down. I could've tried something else, but it takes so long when it's a system you're unfamiliar with and I figured it would be back up soon. It was working on Wednesday, so then it was the turn of the photo hosting site I use to stop working. It's still not letting me upload anything, so I'm furious as I pay a yearly subscription for this "service" purely for blogging purposes and that comes out my own pocket as I don't get paid for blogging. I sent off an extremely cross email to them, after getting no reply to my Facebook DM. No reply to that either funnily enough. I have zero confidence in them, there's been several MAJOR issues these past few months (where all my blog images appear as broken links, when their site is down) and they have just become wholly unreliable and I want to cut ties with them the o beauty set 2016 products
I've never claimed to be a whizz when it comes to technical things.  I got into blogging through my love of fashion, beauty and writing and have had to learn photography, editing, HTML and dozens of other things along the way. You can't blog without all of that unfortunately, so you just have to adapt!  My generation didn't really have computers at school and most of my life existed without mobile phones or the internet, so I'm pretty much self-taught in that respect.  This isn't the type of stuff I want to be losing sleep over, but my blog can't function without those technical bits.  Obviously I'm completely overwhelmed when it comes to reading up on things like bandwidth limits or third party hosting and anything new takes time to learn, so last week was an unwanted hiatus, though I've been busy "behind the scenes" as it were. For years I've wanted to leave, I'm just going to say their name because they are so useless they deserve the bad press, Photobucket, but they have me over a barrel. They really do. From what I know, (I think) I'd have to delete every blog image from my 8 years of blogging, find where it's located (erm, I've had several PC's/hard-drives since then, so a lot are lost), upload to a new host site then individually upload them back into the blog posts in the correct order, as when I leave Photobucket for good, my images will appear here as broken links instead. Please shout out if this isn't the case, because I believe this is the unenviable task I'm going to be forced to do. If there's a bigger word than "dread" then that's what goes through my head when thinking of that, but it's going to have to be done. If I do a little bit each day (where I'll find the time, I honestly don't know), I'll be hard-pushed to complete it in a year (but IIRC my subscription runs out in August, so it'll have to be finished by then). I just checked and apparently I have 23,000+ photos stored on Photobucket (not all blog photos I hasten to add, but probably 98% are) and I have two blogs too, urgh, why is life never simple? Santa, send someone to do it for me please!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Irregular Choice Cinderella: Sparkling Slipper Review

irregular choice sparkling slipper silver shoes
Today I have the first of my Irregular Choice Cinderella shoes to review, which I'm very excited about. I got a bit exasperated with the setting, as I forgot how terrible the lighting is in Scotland in winter and my original idea for the backdrop was just not working at all. It was such a cool concept, but no, it looked stupid, so I had to scrap that and find something else. Not totally sold on this one either, but I have a couple of variations for the other pairs I bought. irregular choice cinderella sparkling slipper

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Irregular Choice: Disney Cinderella Box

So Cinderella launched on Friday and while I take photos of the individual shoes to review, I thought you might be interested to see the box they came in. Irregular Choice have really outdone themselves with this one, I love it. I found myself gasping out loud as I unwrapped the pretty pastel coloured box, then once more as I slid it open to reveal the tissue paper inside. irregular choice disney cinderella box