Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Nails

Happy Halloween! 'Tis a very important day for my kind (!) I actually very nearly cast a spell on a delivery man today, who had the audacity to take the mickey out of my hair, for the second time (kinda creepy that he remembered me from last time). I gave him the 'Gemma death stare' instead which we all know is far superior to any wicked spell as it's been used for at least 20 years and most definitely puts the fear in any man! Haha! Or muahahaha, I should say! Anyway, he brought me sparkly shoes, so I'll let it go this time. What are you all doing for Halloween? I don't have any parties (not because of my death stare), but I wanted to get into the spirit (haha) with some fun, freaky nail art.
I sat during X-Factor on Saturday with a pile of different colours and nail pens and just did it all free-hand. I wasn't even particularly sure of what I was going to do, but it all worked out wonderfully in the end. I was really impressed that I managed to do my right hand using my left, because normally I fail at that big-time! I did get my sister to do the spider because I wasn't sure I could do a circle! She was crapping herself she'd ruin it, after me making a good job of the other nails, poor wee thing!
At the bottom of the post there's a list of products I used for this.  I also took close-ups of each nail for you to see the detail and I mostly used either the nib or brush of the nail pens for the designs/small details with the exception of the green tips on the pumpkins and white eyes on Frankenstein where I just used a tiny bit of nail polish. The only nail I wasn't keen on was the jewelled thumb. I think I got distracted and forgot that webs taper in towards the centre and I'd already drawn my lines equally spaced (silly me!). I added a little shimmering stripe over the web using the thin brush on the Andrea Fulerton sparkly bottle you see above and stuck some nail gems (from the NPW pen) on using clear polish.
and right hand...
The goo-blob nail wasn't perfect either come to think of it, it kinda didn't work out like I'd hoped.  I love all the rest though, the skull was supposed to have quite splodgy looking eyes, but he turned out much cuter than anticipated.  Frankenstein worked brilliantly as did the pumpkins (I added little silver stripes to make it look more authentic) and I thought the mummy-zombie would be a disaster but I really like it with the flash of neon eyes.  My pinky finger ghost is providing lots of entertainment as I keep sticking it in my sisters face and saying 'wasssssuuuuppp'!  Hard to believe we're both over 30, I know!  I've generally been a little uninspired when it comes to nails and haven't had the notion to do anything fancy lately, but I admit I really enjoyed doing this and it's given me a little confidence to try funky things again.  I will say I'm impressed at the lasting power, it's Wednesday and I forgot to put top coat on and not a single nail has chipped, even with me parcelling up lots of eBay sales over the past couple of days.  So are you going to try a subtle Halloween look or go the whole hog? Pity it's a rainy day for guising.

Spider The Jewellery Box, bug H&M
Barry M Nail Paint 'NP66 Matt White'
17 Lasting Fix 'Tropical Island'
W7 Nail Polish '08 Green Dazzle'
Collection 2000 Hot Looks '36 Ninja'
Models Own Nail Art Pen 'Black'
Andrea Fulerton Dot & Flick pens in 'Domi' and 'Ruth'
Andrea Fulerton Stripe & Sparkle 'Brooke'
NPW 3 in 1 Nail Art Pen (used for jewels only) 'Love'

Monday, 29 October 2012

It's G-r-r-r-eat!

Do you know what Kellogg's 'Tony the Tiger' has in common with Lady Gaga and The Queen? Well he celebrates his diamond jubilee this year (like the latter) and to celebrate has been given a little makeover by celebrity fashion designer Philip Armstrong, who has dressed the likes of Ms Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry!
Armstrong has revamped the iconic neckerchief Tony wears, in vibrant red and purple animal stripes with a paw print. The neckerchief has changed position over the last 60 years but has never been redesigned until today. A small number of these scarves have been made, which will be available to buy in an online pop-up shop to commemorate the big 6-0.
There will be 500 of the limited edition Philip Armstrong scarves available from 6pm on November 2nd priced £6.99 each. The shop will be on eBay or you can like the Facebook page for a chance to win one and for more info. All proceeds will be donated to Fareshare food banks to provide 12,000 breakfasts to hungry school-children across the UK.
As you may know I'm not much of a scarf around the neck girl, I'm most definitely a scarf on the head girl though! Tony kindly sent me a scarf, so I had a play around with it today. It's not very wide, but it is long, so surprisingly versatile. For those days you want to go incognito...
I like that you see the paw print logo this way.
It can comfortably be tied around the head and into a bow.
Or twice around the head and into a knot.
Or if like Cinderella and I, you are forever scrubbing floors....!
This might just be my favourite though. I managed to make a huge bow in the centre of the scarf and pin the ends under my hair at the back.
Like I said it would work around the neck, here's me looking rather uncomfortable and frighteningly like one of my Aunties...
Picture me with long blonde hair and this was my Graduation; uncomfortable in every minute of the strict dress-code and unflattering gown!
Finally this look reminds me of my sister. We are not alike and she has rather questionable taste at times ; )
Heehee, so as you see it can be worn many ways. You could also tie it onto a handbag or wear as a belt if that's your thing. Here's a 'real' model, definitely doing the pussy-bow better than me! She's also wearing a Philip Armstrong AW12/13 dress and those gorgeous Charlotte Olympia shoes I blogged about last week!
Finally a few of my favourite Tony facts! He first appeared on packs of Frosties in 1952 when Manchester based Kellogg's ran a contest to pick a mascot for the cereal. Tony the Tiger beat Katy the Kangaroo, George the Giraffe and Newt the Gnu and became the official spokestiger in 1953. In 1974 he graced the cover of Italian GQ. In Mexico he is called Tigre Tono. He began to be humanised in the 70's when he was given an Italian American identity. He has a son and daughter, Tony Jnr and Antoinnette, a Mama Tony and wife Mrs Tony! So there you go, do let me know if you snag a scarf and what's your preferred cereal in the mornings?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Miss Selfridge: Little Princess

Miss Selfridge have just launched their 'Little Princess' story in perfect timing for the forthcoming party season. The collection is super romantic in pastel shades with chiffon, metallics and luxe detailing such as lace, faux fur, brocade, embroidery and embellishment. It's such a beautiful range that I wanted to share it and I'm wishing more than ever that they produced bigger sizes! My favourite is this floral embroidered, lace shift dress £195 (sizes 4-16).
It's expensive for the high-street, but it's part of their exclusive premium range and looking at the online images I feel you could easily mistake it for designer. Dolce & Gabbana have made very similar styles for example. It's absolutely stunning and a classic that I'd wear time and time again. I love the subdued colours and the embellishment which even carries over onto the sheer sleeves, just beautiful.  The range also includes separates such as sheer blouses, peplum tops, metallic and lace skater skirts, sheer maxi-skirts and embellished shorts. You would be warm but glamorous in this ostrich feather bolero £110 (sizes s-l), which I'd accessorise with a large statement brooch.
This nude embellished maxi-dress £120 (sizes 4-16) just screams old Hollywood glamour and is another of my favourites. It's covered in sequins and beads and features a beautiful, swishy, layered, dipped hem. I'm sure you would feel a million bucks in it, it's so gorgeous.
The nude wrap dress £85 (sizes 4-16) is slightly more affordable and wearable and would certainly be a hit for all those Christmas parties and beyond the festive season. It's really versatile and I could see it toughened up with a leather jacket, black studded cat ears or black fishnet tights and shoe-boots, but it would look equally gorgeous with the feather bolero (above) and metallic sandals and you could amp up the sparkly factor with this gem belt.
The 'Power Of Love' heels £70 (sizes 3-7) add a touch of twinkle to your toes, with pretty detailing such as a metallic t-bar and large crystals mixed with a chunky platform and black heel.  They would look fabulous with bare legs or thick black tights and I think that sturdy base could handle your dance moves!  The collection is online now and prices start from £22.  Some of the pieces are limited though, so if there's something you really want-I wouldn't wait too long.  There's currently free international delivery when spending £40 with the code AWTREAT2.  Does anything here take your fancy? Have you already started planning your party wardrobe?

Friday, 26 October 2012

I Do Love Moschino

Just a quick post tonight.  Remember the Love Moschino handbag debacle last month? Well I kept my eye out for further Moschino sales and one day Brandalley had a mixture of items and designers including one of the handbags I'd wanted. It was the nude quilted one and there was only one in stock. Normally I'd have danced around trying to justify the spend, instead I just chucked it in my basket and checked out as fast as I could! I had a £10 gift voucher to use, so that covered delivery and a bit extra. Sadly they didn't have the letter-logo one I wanted and I've still been looking for it, but no luck so far. I wonder if they did have it that day and it had already sold out before I'd logged on, because the items were just disappearing from the site rather than saying 'sold out' next to them. I'm kicking myself-although there's nothing I could have done (I'm just annoying like that). In the end the bag arrived before it would have done if I'd ordered it first time round!
I was a little disappointed with the colour if I'm honest, it's not very nude (although it looks it here), it's a greeny toned beige/ivory. Kind of an odd, spewy sort of colour and I felt maybe I should have gone for the black (although it wasn't a choice the second time-again I'm really annoying). The bag itself is utterly gorgeous though, it's like a 'proper' handbag, I feel all grown up with it! I think I may even prefer the inside more than the outer and it's waaaay bigger than I expected. I like it anyway and thankfully I don't have the stress of checking for it every day (although I'm still doing it for the other one)! So like I mentioned in another post, I keep spending money when I miss out on something...for instance before I knew I would get a second chance at this bag, I ordered this one from ASOS as a substitute...
Yep, another Love Moschino (do you spy an obsession?), a cute l'il clutch this time! It caught my attention the second it landed on the site and I've since seen it elsewhere and drooled!  I managed to get a 30% discount code before the sale started on ASOS and it worked on this item, so I was really chuffed getting "current season" for that price. Again, it was the last one in stock which helped with my dithering!   So it's safe to say I'm trying hard not to spend anything now, because this lot has crippled me!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sparkling Soles

You know I love glitter and sparkles and also shoes. So glitter shoes are a no-brainer! This season, sparkly uppers aren't enough though; embellishment has progressed to the soles.  Yep you heard right, glitter soles is where it's at girls!  I think it's utterly fan-freakin-tastic! I happen to own a pair of glitter soled shoes (my Kandee 'Diamonds') because y'all know I'm soooo ahead of the trends! However these savvy pairs have no glitter on the base, just sparkles where you can see 'em.  I can't see anything against having pretty soles to look at especially when it in no way affects the way you walk in the shoes and in these instances isn't ruined by walking on them.  Here's a selection of what Net-A-Porter currently have to offer
The stones on these Lanvin crystal embellished pink satin courts (£970) are exactly like those in the heel of my Fashionistas Corso Como suede courts.  I have to admit to finding several little cone shaped jewels on my floor after wearing mine, so let's hope these suckers are well stuck in!
Now these are pure decadence!  The rich hue, the jewelled heel, which almost disappears into the sole of the same material, plus you get a little smattering of crystals on the toe too!  It's no wonder the Jimmy Choo 'Tame' cost £1495!
If ever there were a queen or king of glitter shoes, it would be Miu Miu, so of course they would know how to do a glitter sole.  These Miu Miu wine suede peep toes (£450) are rather tame for the brand, until you note the luxurious glitter sole, ahhh lovely.
It would probably be much harder to miss the glitter on these Miu Miu pink suede and purple glitter platforms (£445).  I love the glitter peeking through on the heel, it's utterly fabulous.
By gum they even do boots!  Yep take a rather standard pair of black ankle boots, add some silver glitter to the heel and sole and wham, you have party central!  Miu Miu black suede and silver glitter ankle boots £550.
If the pink satin wasn't quite for you, then how about these Lanvin embellished black leather courts £1005?  Pricier, but more subtle and much more versatile.
If you prefer your glitter where you can see it, then you'd be bonkers not to fall in love with these Charlotte Olympia 'Priscilla' multi-coloured glitter courts £645.  One word; fab-u-lous!  Will you be looking for glitter soles this party season?