Sunday, 12 June 2016

Irregular Choice: Star Wars Floral Artoo

This week I have the first of my in-depth reviews from the Irregular Choice Star Wars collection, phase 2! No fancy photos I'm afraid, I've not been feeling up to it and couldn't put my hand on anything thematic for the setting, so ordinary pics it is. You can find photos of my other R2D2 heels from this launch (Battle With Artoo) on my feet, over on The Shoe Girl Diaries, though I still have those to review here (and Day Of The Trooper).

Saturday, 11 June 2016

M.E. On: Have You Tried?

I'll admit I thought twice about posting this. Maybe even a third and fourth time actually. I've realised while I have an opinion on many things, I don't really like confrontation or causing conflict.  So, I knew talking about this would ruffle a few feathers, maybe hurt some feelings (even though mine are hurt every time this happens!), but it's not directed at any one person.  If you suffer from a chronic illness like M.E. or CFS, you'll probably be nodding at your computer screen reading this, others might not realise this existed or that it was an issue, so I'll try and explain it as best I can.  Though this letter (pictured below) probably illustrates it far more eloquently than I could. Someone gave it to my Mum after ripping it out of a newspaper insert, thinking it related to me. Despite liking the person that did this, the second my Mum said "oh I have a newspaper clipping for you..." my eyes rolled. Here we go again, I thought. However I read it and as I got to the bottom, I fully expected to see my name as the signature! It sounded exactly like something I would say or my inner thoughts at least (remember I'm too timid to voice it out loud). It really resonated with me and while I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in fielding this advice, it's sad and annoying it's so commonplace.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Irregular Choice: Thermidor Handbag

Hello lovelies. After all the excitement of the Star Wars launch (check my post here if you're still in search of sizes), I'm back with another handbag review from the SS16 Irregular Choice range. Last time I spoke about Flounder, a new shape in my collection, however Thermidor is my third of this style. I was completely hooked after my first (Purfect Pose), so am always eager to see if there's a new colourway each season.