Monday, 13 January 2020

Irregular Choice Collection: Round Bags

Last year I kicked off my Irregular Choice handbag collection posts with my square shaped bags. Today it's the round ones, which again there aren't masses of, so it's a little easier for me to tackle, as I know exactly how many I have and where they are situated.  I've been leaving the ones with the flap and also the double clasp, because every single time I photograph them, another one comes out. I think I've photographed both groups at least twice each over the years, before giving up last year as I knew there was a Jasmine (flap) one coming in Aladdin and then Belle (clasp) in the Beauty And The Beast collection (didn't know about the poodle one which I also got).  Anyway, round bags, drum bags, vanity case, whatever you call this shape, it's one of the oldest bag styles from IC. I don't have any of the older ones, but I remember being so excited when they brought this shape back with the furry frog one, because it's a style I'd always hoped to get. circle of round shaped handbags by Irregular Choice Granted it's not the most practical shaped handbag, being round and it's hard so there's no squeezing anything extra in-the size you see is what you get. As it's very stiff, it doesn't lose it's shape though, even with something heavy inside. Most of them come with a short fixed handle which goes from front to back, rather than side to side. It's great as it doesn't interfere with the zip and allows that picture front to be shown when carrying. They tend to also come with an adjustable longer strap, fastening at either side of the bag (not the top), but more recently they've been attaching back loops, so the strap can be threaded through and used as a backpack. They open with a double zip, close to the front so it opens like a lid and there's gussets at the lower sides inside. I find the flap opens quite wide actually, so access is easy and then the gussets prevent anything falling out. It definitely opens wider than the square bags last time. I have noted some of my zips whizz around easier than others though! A lot of my collection are Disney ones, as you'll see and they're all very different to each other actually when I see them altogether like this. I haven't thought about favourites within this style before...I am very, very fond of the frog and the Snow White one, it's beautiful and is slightly different which I'll get onto later. collection of round handbags by Irregular Choicecircle of round handbags back side