Friday, 27 February 2009

Primark Haul

Before I decided on the no-buy, I had another very successful blow-out at Primark. I went in search of this dress (below), but didn't find it. Isn't it always the way that when you aren't expecting to spend lots, you see lots?I am incredibly pleased with my loot though. Sometimes I feel I buy things in Primark because it's so cheap, without really liking each piece. However I adore every little thing I bought last week. I've already told you about the macs I got. I also got another shorter length jacket/coat type thing. It's a fully lined, belted mac with large heart and circle pattern all over (difficult to describe, but really kitsch and cute). The red/white really stood out to me, but totally clashed with my hair. So instead I got a grey/greenish version with white pattern.

I spotted this dress in the window and knew I had to have it. It's gorgeous. It looks like a thrifted dress that your Granny would wear. A lovely small floral print with placket down the front, centre back zip and short gathered sleeves. It was available in pale blue or lilac (sooo Luella S/S 09), so I snapped up both. I can see me wearing these to death. I also got a sheer navy dress with cream crocheted front. It hangs beautifully and has lovely 3/4 length sleeves.

I decided to quickly pop upstairs to look at the shoes. Recently I've been disappointed with the range, however when I got there I spotted the elusive studded sandals. Can you believe it? These were literally all over the fashion mags, months and months ago. Ebay had zillions for sale at rip-off prices and at the end of last year, I finally gave up hope of ever seeing them in my local (which must be extremely behind on receiving stock). I happily snatched both the black and brown pairs and struggled to fit them into my bulging basket.
One more stop, the accessories. Fabulous finds here. I have been meaning to make lots of little fabric bows and things for my hair recently but never find the energy. Here were a pack of 4 ditsy fabric clasps for £1! I also got 2 white satin and 2 peach polka dot satin in a pack for £1. A large ditsy chiffon bow clasp for £1. Cream and dusky rose carved flower clasps in a 2 pack for £1.50 (I bought 2 so I could have 2 of each colour). A cream carved flower and pearl, gold chain necklace (came with earrings too but I don't have mine pierced, £2). A metal carved flower cuff and matching necklace (maybe £2 and £3 each). Oh and a super vintage looking peach and pearl brooch £2, which looks fabulous on the neck of my new dresses. I think I have all those prices right. The lot came to just over £130, which is brilliant for all the amazing pieces.

No Buy-No Joy!

Remember the 'no-buy' I went on a little while ago? I decided not to buy anything in an effort to save for MAC/Hello Kitty coming out in March? It didn't work. LOL, I think you knew that. Anyway, I am attempting to go at it again in a promise to my little sister.

She's a couple of years younger than me and probably worth more than everyone in my family put together. She doesn't have a high paying job, she's just good at saving. 'Saving' a relatively unknown term in my brain. Anyway, she often lends me money or will pay for something if I can't afford it at that time. She's very good like that. She also keeps a note of it all and every so often I pay her back. It's worked well for us for years (well probably better for me than her, but anyway). Since the end of last summer though I haven't been keeping to my side of the bargain. I've been spending more and paying back less. I've also been borrowing from Mum (you know when you're in the middle of Primark and must have the £100 worth of clothes/shoes/jewellery, but don't get paid until next week, but Mummy has a card?), generally she takes priority over little sis when it comes to paying back.

So, I sheepishly asked little sis last week 'how much am I due you...roughly?'. I almost fainted at her reply, especially as I'd actually given her 2 seperate amounts of money recently (and was chuffed at doing so). However the dizziness subsided and my 'must have it now' brain (waaay bigger than the 'saving brain') took over again. You see, I'd spotted some lovely Irregular Choice/Blythe shoes that I'd had my eye on (but had been sold and too expensive from IC), that were half price at Branch309. I knew if I didn't act fast they'd be gone. And so I made a promise, one I'm attempting to keep. The promise is, I will pay her back over the next month with any money I can get my hands on. I'll pay back all I'm due as well as the new shoes she was about to buy me (see pics below).

I got my shoes (gorgeous) and have plenty eBay money coming in that I should be able to pay her back in the following weeks. All in all, I'm a happy footed bunny, although slightly anxious about the forthcoming weeks. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

A letter to you all from my heart...

I only ever touch on the subject that I suffer from M.E. Mostly because it's depressing enough to have it, never mind share it with others through what is supposed to be a little bit of escapism for me and fun for you.

However, I know that this blog isn't always to the best of my ability and that bothers me. I can't get out there to write about what's happening on 'the street'. I can't show you my cool little sewing projects and self-made or customised clothing, because for years now I haven't had the energy or concentration to sew (I miss it dearly). I'm never going to report on the latest store opening, launch or party because a) I don't live in London and b) even if I did, I would be too knackered to attend. I won't post daily-outfit style posts as I don't have a camera and most days I don't leave the house and want to feel comfortable, thus the outfits aren't worth photographing. I can't show off my latest designer purchase because without a job, I can't afford them. Sometimes my fatigue is so bad that I can't even research, collect images and write the necessary needed for a short post.

Why am I telling you this? It's certainly not for sympathy. It's not even to highlight the dangers of pushing yourself too hard and ending up like me (becoming chronically ill isn't going to happen to everyone). I think I just wanted to level with you all. It's taken me a long time to be able to talk about and accept my illness and that I may never get better...that maybe this is how life will turn out for me. I hope that although I can't give you the aforementioned posts-that perhaps there is something else you can take away from my blog.

I know you can't relate to the intense pain I will feel from going on a short shopping trip. You can't imagine what it's like to be stuck in a house for weeks without ever going outside. You probably have no idea how frustrating it is trying to navigate around H&M in a wheelchair and that's only a tiny portion of problems I face every day.

However, I am still that 5 year old girl that when asked 'how was school today?', I would reply 'my teacher wore...'. I am still that same girl who wore outrageous outfits that made everyone point and stare. I am still the girl who with a torn ankle ligament walked in 3 1/2" heels, because these were the lowest I owned. I am still the girl who has more makeup than Boots. I am still 'shoe-girl' nicknamed by the boys at Uni for my never-ending collection of footwear. I am still the girl who has an intense passion for fashion and can't ever imagine a career outside of the industry. I am still that girl...even if after 7 years of this cruel illness, gaining 4 stone and going up 3 dress sizes that I may not look like her from the outside.

None of you knew me when I was that girl and everytime I am introduced to a friends new boyfriend, I wonder what they see. I wonder if anyone can see the girl I used to be, the girl I still am. With that, I will continue to battle to keep my identity and sense of style (and humour) even if I am in a wheelchair and feeling like crap. And I hope you can continue this journey with me. I would be over the moon if you find something of interest in this blog, something that makes you come back, something that makes you smile. I'm here to make myself happy and if that can spread to others then it's worthwhile. Lots of love and sparkles, Pink Haired Princess x

Monday, 23 February 2009

Oscar Style

The Oscars! They've been and gone, excitement over for another year. As I've mentioned previously, when I had my Celeb Style website, this was a frantic time for me; collecting the images and editing/resizing/naming them all before the 'moment' had passed. It was actually very stressful, so I'm glad I could take a more relaxed approach to it this year. Also, I have Freeview TV and not Sky, so couldn't watch any live coverage of the red-carpet.

So this morning I trawled through a fashion forum post on the Oscar style, an arduous process I might add. It's quite unbelievable how pompous people can be; you know those that are only interested in who the designer is (with no opinion on the actual gown) and those who only want to discuss those they consider 'A-list'. Now I know some of the time the so-called c-list or z-listers (namely tv presenters, television actors or anyone associated with Disney/High School Musical/Hannah Montana apparently) look shocking (yes, Lisa Rinna that's you..and your lips), but I wouldn't dismiss seeing what Eva Longoria, Katherine Heigl or Melissa George for example would wear. I don't like that snobbish, elitist attitude, that only those who earn the big bucks can look good (even the A-list look terrible sometimes). There's also the huge competition between posters to see who can guess the designer/films 'x' has been in/who dated who etc first, it's lame and God forbid if anyone outside the clique offers their view.
Anyway, here's my opinion on an array of outfits from the event and I hope I don't sound like those girls! A big surprise was Miley Cyrus. I'm no fan (she sounds like she smokes 60 a day), but her Zuhair Murad gown was stunning. She's quite small and still a teenager, so I would have thought this detailed and grown-up gown would be too much for her, but she actually carried it off. It's definitely one of my top from the night and a huge step-up on the red dress she wore last year. I also love the idea of wearing a couture gown, but mixing it up with a belt, it makes it fresh, young and modern. This outfit is annoying me though as I've seen a very similar design on someone before but can't for the life of me remember who or where. I think it may have been pale pink, but had the same sequin design and tiered petal, shape. It's really bugging me, I wish I could remember! Sarah Jessica Parker had the same idea wearing a fairytale Dior number accessorised with waist cinching belt. Now where on earth did she get those boobs from? Seriously, I always considered her to have a lithe but muscular, ballerina type body shape and didn't think any amount of pushing up could achieve this! I'm sure anyone else showing this amount of cleavage would be called tacky, but many a fashionista will excuse her because she's SJP (tut, tut!). Her hair is back to being a little darker and I liked the natural brushed out wave. Another favourite. Natalie Portman; the debate with this dress is the colour, many think that the head to toe pink is a surprise choice for the usually stylish Natalie. Personally the colour doesn't bother me too much although it does look a little 'Strictly Come Dancing'. I find Portmans style in general much overrated. When you look closely the dress has some nice detailing, but she somehow manages to make the whole look so uninteresting, there's no star factor for me. Plus a major no-no on the 'you've been tango-ed' bronze look and she really looks like she needs to eat something. It was thought Angelina Jolie wouldn't wear anything overly daring (generally she hasn't recently). She certainly lived up to that, in a simple black strapless Elie Saab dress. Although her eyeliner and nude lips look never tires with me and I think her stunning beauty shone with the simplicity of the dress. Big plus for the bright green earrings and ring though. I suppose with gorgeous, Brad Pitt on your arm you don't need fancy clothes!This next gown is by John Galliano and was completely sheer on the catwalk. To stay true to her Indian upbringing though, Freida Pinto had the dress modified slightly. Obviously a see-through dress wouldn't have worked at such an event anyway, but I feel some of the magic is lost in this version. The best part is the one shouldered sleeve, altogether cute but not the best. Heidi Klum looked like crap. I loved how funky she looked in her little prom dress with strappy heels and oversized corsage at the Golden Globes, but Oscar night was all wrong. Her hair looked unwashed and the style was atrocious, the earrings, bangles and rings were massive and I actually love them, but not for this event and not with that dress. Onto the dress, it is cut asymmetrically and sits awkwardly, with a strange fold-over neckline and is just plain unflattering. Oh and are we still doing that slashed to the thigh thing that Liz Hurley perfected 15 years ago? Oh, I forgot the shoes, horrible shape (the peep toe is too large) and just plain boring. Melissa George; she always tries something different and most of the time it pays off. I do love the mermaid frou-frou shape and corset body, but in white? It just looks like a giant wedding dress and how did she walk (or waddle) in it? Love, love, love that hard clutch though. Vanessa Hudgens shows what a change in colour can do to transform a dress. The shape of this modified Marchesa gown is essentially the same as Melissas Dolce & Gabbana. Although not quite as eyecatching, it's a much prettier and more appropriate dress in black with some feathered flower details. Alicia Keys wore a similar shade to Natalie Portman, although this was more lilac. It's a standard red-carpet gown we've seen a million times before. Adore the ring and clutch though.
Maria Menounos, I can't stand her even although she's not well known in the UK, but (unlike the previous mentioned fashion forum posters), I can appreciate her outfit. The bodice needs a little something, but the skirt is beautiful.
Reese Witherspoon, what was she thinking? This blue and black Rodarte gown swamped her tiny frame and made her look frumpy. The strange non-symmetrical straps, sequinned and over detailed bodice, duo of colours and trailing bits of fabrics was overkill, too too much.Last years winner, Marion Cotillard, got it oh so right in black and blue Dior though. Her beautiful sequin and tulle gown glistened and was again accessorized with a patent belt. I love this picture of her with Kate Winslet, it really shows off the beautiful shape of the dress, definitely in my top. Check out the huge ring adorning her finger too! As I've mentioned previously, I wasn't anticipating big things from Kate Winslet. However, although I didn't adore her Yves Saint Laurent dress, I thought it was very in character with her style, yet a little more out-there than what she would usually pick. I like the lace train at the side, an interesting detail. Her hair look somewhat frumpy in some of the images, but from the back it looked really great. It was carefully styled without looking like there were any pins holding it in place. Jessica Biel, another overrated 'style icon' in my opinion. Perhaps it's the colour of this Prada dress but to me it looks like a bed sheet, wrapped around her and looped out over the top. It's kinda like the one Eva Mendes wore recently, although it only puffed from the waist. Having this ridiculous extra fabric all over the dress, just hides her figure, even a belt to break it up would've helped slightly.
Beyonce in (you guessed it) House of Dereon Couture. Why she thinks she should dress like the actual Oscar trophy each year is beyond me. She's a pretty girl and is just trying too hard, the print is too loud and her hair is too severe, thumbs down from me.
Anne Hathway and Jennifer Aniston wore similar (yawn) heavily beaded strapless gowns by Armane Prive and Valentino Haute Couture respectively. I'm sure up-close the work on these dresses is stunning, but it's hardly fashion boundary breaking. So many people thought it was a huge shock to see Jennifer in anything other than black (wow!). As for that same old hairstyle, oh no, sorry she added a little clasp at the front which makes her look about 6 years old (can you tell I can't stomach her?), seriously someone should give her a medal for that dramatic change in style, fashionista in the making (not). Plus the speculation surrounding her and Brad/Angelina has to stop; the 'ooh she looked at them and smiled', let's all discuss what that means is just stupid. He dumped her, they are not together anymore, get over it!
Marisa Tomei, not someone I regularly follow, but the pleated detailing of this Versace Atelier gown is amazing. See Melissa, you can wear ivory and not look like a bride! I have no idea how she sat down in this, but it's a work of art.
I'm a bit on the fence about Penelope Cruz in her vintage Balmain dress. It's very pretty and up close has lovely lace detail, but is somehow missing that 'wow' factor. She's definitely chanelling Audrey Hepburn, although someone said the skirt reminded them of the yellow Belle dress from Beauty & the Beast, which I had to laugh at.
Finally, Tilda Swinton. I just always get lost for words with her style (as many do). In a beige Lanvin blouse and black skirt...she's trying to be ironic or something isn't she? It's not totally hideous though...somehow.
pictures Glamour, Celebutopia.