Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Out with the old and in with the new!

I've just splashed out on another pair of Miu Miu's. I am so happy with my sandals that I couldn't resist. I also (as I do every day) checked Topshop to see if they had more statement heels, guess what? They did. The green ones and seeing as I'm obsessed with that colour, I bought them and this cute flamingo pearl necklace. I've decided I'll sell both pairs of the boots (black size 6 and blue size 5) and the size 6 cream courts as the 5 fit me now (yay!). Then that has to be me done with these shoes!Topshop basket contentsI am also definitely going to go ahead with selling my surplus cosmetics stash via this blog. So look out for that coming soon. I took fresh pics this morning and am all organised!


  1. those shoes are gorgeous!! (i will not buy, i will not buy)

  2. this is my 5th pair of that style-I must stop. I wasn't sure which size would fit, so bought multiple pairs, but now I have to sell them on ebay as it's almost £500 for the lot! Unfortunately the necklace sold out and they didn't include it with my order afterall : (


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