Monday, 1 June 2009

Sky High Heels from ASOS

ASOS snaksin metallic wedgesWowza, check out these ASOS wedges. I'm pretty sure I'm correct in saying that these are the most expensive ASOS-brand shoes ever to appear on the site (and they're not even from their Premium range!). They are metallic and snakeskin leather with a massive 16cm heel-that's 6 1/4" and 5cm (2") platform. I've always worn high heels and have no trouble walking in them, but I must admit that the higher heels are getting the more I crave the height and find my 3-4" heels rather 'low'! A peep-toe front and skinny t-bar strap finishes off the look. I wonder how popular they will be with regards to the heel height and cost?
ASOS Premium leather platform sporty sandalsI had a birthday code for ASOS (£10 off when you spend £50), so I finally caved and ordered these heels. I've liked them since I first saw them and luckily they had 30% off which made them all the more affordable. I was pretty undecided between the black with neon pinky platform or the grey with yellow. I decided that the black were more versatile and likely to go with more, so got them. I just realised that the (very skinny) heel is actually 15.5cm, just over 6" with a 4.5cm platform and I'm sure they will be harder to walk in than the wedges above! I also ordered the Barry M mint green nail polish. Hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow.

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