Thursday, 4 June 2009

My Today

Hello, I'm absolutely shattered today. I woke up really sore and went shopping for a bit today, which of course has made me even worse. Anyway it was a successful trip. I wasn't expecting to buy anthing, especially after my haul yesterday. Style Warrior wasn't up on the MAC site this morning, so I assumed I'd make my purchases when I got home (but I've spent all my money now!).

I actually popped into H&M which has been annoying me lately. I hate the layout of the shop, it's impossible to get the wheelchair around. Anyway, I did see quite a few things I liked, so tried them on. I bought 3 dresses, woohoo! Even paying for them was an issue as they have these annoying large, square box things filled with junk to entice you at the checkout and they had 2 on either side of the counter/till. I couldn't get within 2 metres of the till, so had to throw the dresses to the woman serving me. She didn't bat an eyelid and my Mum had to 'go in' (between the boxes) to put my card in the machine and enter my pin, because I couldn't reach. Ridiculous, what happened to all those disability laws?

Primark was the same old stuff as the past few weeks, except for a glorious polka dot coat which I bought, some hairclips and another chunky pearl necklace (just incase my other one breaks!).

Schuh was exciting as they had loads of new Irregular Choice styles. Another nightmare maze of a shop to navigate around though (glass shelves jutting out-eek!) and with no help from the staff (get out of the way lady!). New red floral Abigails Party, bright checked Can Can shoes, black floral satin corsage courts and spotty dolly shoes. I didn't buy any though.Matalan RingFinally TK Maxx and Matalan, which I'll tell you more about later. To whet your appetite, I did get this gorgeous ring, it's massive!

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