Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Swatches: Stila IT Gloss

Ach, not having a good day today. I am in the process of selling on eBay and to be honest my heart isn't really in it. I forgot just how much work is involved and how annoying ebay can be. You may remember months ago that I mentioned my serious overstock of unused cosmetics and how I had made them into bundles to sell on ebay. I have swapped makeup on MUA for years, but even my swap list was massive-I just have way too much stuff.

Last night I wrote everything out and checked the condition of all the items. I already had photos, so was all set to go. It took me about an hour to list one bundle and then when I clicked to confirm the 2nd, I was told I couldn't due to selling restrictions. It's really frustrating. I realise they are in place for a reason (to cut down on the selling of fake items), but for those of us that are honest sellers, it's a hassle and disheartening. The products I'm selling are from high-end brands like Dior, Guerlain, Lancome, Givenchy etc, so I can only sell one such listing a month! Ridiculous. It's too much hassle to go through, to only sell one such item at a time. I think what I may have to do is sell them via this blog. I know several fashion bloggers are doing this and although I don't want to jump on the bandwagon, I need to sell these things and this is an outlet for that. Let me know if you think it's a good idea. I would have to work out the rules and such, but I'd post worldwide and think it could work if I get enough interest.

Anyway onto some Stila IT Gloss swatches. I took these images the other day and I've given you 2 images of the swatches and I'll explain why. It took me ages to find a setting on my camera that gave me good, clear and true to colour likeness of the lipgloss. By the time I did find the right setting, the gloss had started to migrate all over my hand! I had to reapply and take another image, so if you notice some bleeding of the lipgloss (especially the darker shades), then that's the reason!

As always, all images are clickable and please do not take these pictures or copy them to another blog/site without permission. The IT Glosses are shown from top to bottom as:
Angelic 13
Breathtaking 01
Enchanting 03
Enticing 02
Sweet 08
Gorgeous 15
Dishy 16
Ravishing 06
Amazing 07
Interesting 09
Striking 10
Astounding 12
Stila IT GlossStila IT GlossesStila IT Gloss SwatchesStila It Gloss Swatch Image

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