Sunday, 28 June 2009

What's in my Handbag?

I was reading this article in the newspaper the other day about what women keep in their bags. It even categorised us-I think there were 4 types depending on the size and type of bag and its contents.

I used to have this makeup bag at Uni, which was like a Mary Poppins bag, it had every possible thing for every emergency and I took it everywhere. I had samples of all types of makeup; foundation, powder sheets, mascara, lipstick, eyeliner and small perfume vials. Then there were tissues, safety pins, plasters, emery boards, chewing gum, small scissors, sewing kit, a mirror, comb, some loose change, clear nailpolish (for laddered tights), pen and paper, antiseptic wipes, painkillers, personal alarm, kirbi grips, hair bobbles, nail glue, salt and sauce sachets, everything. Can you tell I was Brownie? All my friends knew they were in safe hands, as long as I had my emergency kit with me!

However, I've never really been the type to cart around a massive handbag. That makeup bag was compact and almost fitted into even the smallest of bags. Some of the handbags I see girls carrying around nowadays, would do me as a weekender! I like to be able to find everything, but not feel like I've forgotten something.

My handbag style has probably not changed all that much over the years. However now that I don't necessarily go out of the house every day, I usually carry the bare minimum. I am pretty much a clutch girl 95% of the time, but they do vary from teeny to oversized. I use a different bag each time I go out and so just pop in whatever I would need that day/night.

what's in my handbag?I took this photo after I had been out with my friend on Tuesday night (so I didn't really need a lot, as I was only out for a few hours). As you can see it's not very exciting, an ASOS pink clutch with my phone (which I don't like-but barely use it), some loose change (I couldn't fit my purse in the bag, so just put money in), I didn't need any cards or even my keys. Then my L'Oreal Infallible powder which has a handy mirror inside, Playboy lipstick and lipgloss that I wore and a tissue. I always, without fail, grab a tissue on the way out. I have all these pretty printed ones in packets, but I always seem to forget them and at the last minute grab a boring one! How about you, does your bag define you? Do you need a small suitcase to get to work every day or are you minimalist like me?

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