Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Stila Stash Pics (Backstage Beauty)

I'm stll not feeling 100% today. Yesterday I ended up sleeping all afternoon, because I was so dizzy-I couldn't focus on anything. I get so frustrated at being even more ill than usual. Although I'm restricted in my life every day, I do have a little routine going and I get annoyed when I can't fulfill that. That aside, I'm keen to get on with things as much as I can today, starting wth some Stila stash pics. I got a really great deal on both of these sets in the BrandAlley clearance sale a couple of weeks ago.

I've always quite liked
Stila, although because it isn't stocked near me, I haven't ever really had the chance to own much of it. However, my collection has grown at least 500% in recent weeks (no kidding!). An item I have lusted after since before it was even released is the Backstage Beauty Set, a collaboration with British designers Marchesa. The soft red, patent leather palette (is beautiful) and contains 3 eyeshadows and a mirror, plus wrapped around is a black corsage on ribbon. This can be used as a headband, bracelet, choker or anything you wish. I purchased the lovely Red Carpet Look which contains a nude eyeshadow for base, a shimmery medium silver/grey for lids and a shimmering pewter liner. You also get a little Onyx Kajal Eye Liner pencil. Click pics to enlarge.
I also picked up the Step Out and Shine (color collection and handbag). The silver clutch with purple lining contains Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek stain, Convertible Color in Orchid, Multi Effect mascara in black, Liquid All Over Shimmer in shade *6 and a cute mini Eye Shadow Quad in Montmarte (a collection of purples). Some great additions to my collection, I think you'd agree.
Please do not take pictures, thank you.

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