Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Is it still raining?

am I cute?Having a pooey day today. The weather has been miserable and I haven't been out of the house since a week past Sunday, yes 10 whole days! I slept in this morning, after wakening at quarter to five (this has been happening every day for week!). So I'm trying to do (free) things that cheer me up, but so far it isn't working. Not even my afternoon cuppy with orange Club biscuit is helping.

This morning, I decided to try the luscious looking Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lipgloss, remember that I bought a few weeks ago? It's crap! Not the gloss or the packaging, which is beyond cute, but the smell, it's gross. It doesn't taste like it, but smells of pecan, nutty, burnt/cooked something. It's supposed to be Creme Brulee (which I have other glosses of and their scent never bothers me). This is overpowering...and totally sucks. After trying to breath through my mouth and avoid my nose, I have since been applying my trusted Mark Glow Baby Glow gloss (minty) every 5 minutes to remind myself of what a gorgeous smelling lipgloss should smell like!
my sassy sasha penMy Mum and sister were back from their little trip at the weekend and Dad and I survived by ourselves! They brought me back some white chocolate fish and chips, which I adore (and have eaten already) and this more-than cute pen. Look, it's a Bratz Babyz head!! My sister bought 2 and let me decide which I wanted. A hard choice as I always go for either blonde or black dolls and the other pen was white and blonde with pink fluff. I chose little Sasha in the end though, isn't she just adorable? Although I'm sure some people will find a dolls head on the end of a pen rather disturbing, personally, I love it.

I also snagged this large, straw clutch from my Mummy. She was buying more face cream in The Body Shop and got the bag for free and won't use it, so it is now mine, yay!
the body shop free clutch bag

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