Thursday, 7 May 2009

Miu Miu and More Topshop?

After my pretty upbeat day yesterday, I went into panic mode at midnight when I realised I didn't have long until the Harajuku Lovers contest ends. Although I've been working hard on it, I still have tonnes to do and realising that there is only 10 days left in which to complete it, I panicked.
However, I have worked like a machine today, I'm so proud of myself! I made a list last night of what I wanted to get done today and I have achieved all of it (hence the ability to have time to post here). I am pretty illiterate when it comes to layouts, html etc on MySpace, but I've managed to make an ok page. I still have much more to do, but I got the majority of little things out of the way today. So I officially signed up to the competition and if you want to support me (I need all I can get), then please click here and add me as a friend. I don't think I have much chance of winning as your 'number of friends' is a factor and some people literally have thousands (while I'm under 100!). However, I've really enjoyed doing this and hopefully that comes across. I will be adding more features every day.
I just have to quickly tell you about the fabulous designer sale on the Office site just now. I was browsing the other day and noticed Miu Miu in the brand list and thought to myself I hadn't seen that on the site before. I clicked on it and found a whole section including Viviennne Westwood and Dries Van Noten at massively reduced prices. If you thought theoutnet was cheap, then you haven't seen anything yet! I decided that I would treat myself to the Miu Miu pewter sandals from S/S '08, if they were still there yesterday. Indeed they were and I promptly bought them for £150. Head over to Office now as there are very limited sizes in most styles. I saw a lovely pair of classic, VW lace-up shoes yesterday that went for £100 (only in size 7 unfortunately). More about my love for Miu Miu when the shoe arrive : )This morning, I checked Topshop (my 20 times-a-day obsession) and saw they had more stock of the cream, snakeskin statement heel court shoes that sold out last week. You know my predicament with the boots I bought, so I ordered a size 5 and 6 of the courts and hopefully out of the 4 pairs now, one will fit! I'm starting to feel a bit like Cinderella or rather the Ugly Sisters trying to squeeze my feet into the shoes! They'll probably add the green courts tomorrow and I'll want them too! Isn't it great to have an ATM-sister?

*Ok, so you're not quite going to believe it. My Topshop shoes came today (Saturday)-really quick for the snail speed delivery I've come to expect from them (perhaps spending £500 with them in a few weeks speeds up your order!). The shoe is much, much prettier than on the site, it has this pearlescent sheen and is ivory coloured. The shoe is a hard shoe, so not the comfiest at getting your foot in. The size 5 on me is a little too small. The front is very narrow and squishes my toes together and I reckon they'd really hurt my feet after an hour or so. The 6 though is too big. I can easily lift my heel out of the back and it gapes slightly at the front, so you can see into my toes. I am completely at a loss as what to do. I can't believe my luck with these shoes, I could curse Topshop for not having a more uniform sizing with these. Perhaps that's the price you pay for beauty! Anyway, I'm sure you're all bored to death of me hankering on about these shoes, they've certainly been a talking point for me (without even wearing them!)*

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