Thursday, 18 June 2009

And on the 11th day...

So, I mustered up enough energy and the weather stayed nice, for me to go out today. Nothing exciting-just along to the end of the road and back again! I took a few pics of what I wore on this unexciting occasion, lol! A lady did stop to tell me that she thought my shoes were fabulous and that's always nice to hear : ) I also wore my fabulous Primark mac, which I don't think I have ever photographed for you? Look how full the skirt is, it's wicked!
Primark macPrimark coatDP floral dressPeacocks snakeskin shoesvoluminous sleeves
voluminous sleevesfloral dress Dorothy Perkins with Primark dress underneath (sleeves showing), leggings MKOne, shoes Peacocks.
Clarins LipstickEOTDI'm trying out teal type eyes in preperation for the wedding, incase I decide to coordinate with my bridesmaid dress. I wore the lightest shade from Pout Miss Canada as base and then a MeMeMe e/s in the crease, I then topped off with a little C2000 shimmer stuff and L'Oreal superliner. Also a Clarins lipstick and Milani blush. Wasn't that informative? Not! Sorry, if you need specific shades then I can check later, I just don't have them in front of me just now. I kinda od'd on the mascara by accident (CoverGirl Volume Exact) and it looks a little clumpy (not even my trusty Pout brush could get through them)!
curly hairI cut my fringe this morning as it's grown loads and I like it really short just now. I could actually do with a haircut all over. I went to bed with my hair in a bun and it was slightly damp, so I awoke to scrunchy, curly-ish hair today (above)! Until the wind blew most of it out.
this morning with long fringelater with short fringeRemember the Harajuku Lovers competition I went in for ages ago? Well I didn't win and I really wish you got some kind of feedback because I looked at a couple of MySpace pages that did win and I was majorly disappointed. Either HL just weren't looking for what I gave them or they didn't look at all. I'm honestly not a sore loser-I don't mind the not winning, I just wish something deserving did win. The amount of work I put in compared to those that won...well it doesn't compare. Uploading a few pics and saying 'I'm Harajuku lovers biggest fan' shouldn't win in my book. You were supposed to be judged on effort, imagination, number of friends, relevance to HL and your page had to have at least 5 elements to it. Let me tell you, the winners I saw had none of the above! I might upload some of the features I did onto the blog at some point, just to see what you think-as it's a shame for all that hard work to go to waste. Did anyone else enter and think some of the winners weren't up to much?

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