Sunday, 28 June 2009

My Shoe Wishlist

I really must start a proper shoe wishlist, where it's easy to look at all the brands/prices/where to buy and then I can prioritise my purchases from there. I practically see new shoes every day that I want (infact probably more than once a day if I'm honest!) and some get forgotten or I can't afford them. faith laccey pewter snake sandal bootsI've had my eye on these Faith Laccey boots for a while now, but at £90-I can't really justify spending that on them. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on them, in the hope they get reduced at some point. I prefer the pewter shade (pictured) and the more I look at them, the more I wish I had a spare £90!
asos neon flash shoe bootsAnother pair that caught my eye are these new neon flash boots at ASOS. I liked the style in the first 2 colours they brought out, but now I really love the grey/pink version. Not at all girly, but I'd love to give floral dresses and leggings an edge with these babies.
topshop unique statement heel boots shoesI've eventually put my Topshop Unique boots and shoes on ebay along with some other shoes that I don't wear anymore. My sister paid for the T/S shoes, so I'm still due her the money-I'm not really expecting to make a profit from their sales, but as long as I have enough to pay her back. I decided to keep the cream snakeskin courts in size 5, as with more trying on, they stretched a little and fitted fine. I also have the green nubuck shoes, but for sale are the blue nubuck boots size 5, black nubuck boots size 6 and cream pearlised leather shoes size 6. Head over to ebay if you want to bid on them-I ship worldwide. I'm pretty gutted at having to get rid of the blue boots especially, but I'm kidding myself that they'll ever fit comfortably. All are totally stunning and well worth the money, those heels are designer all the way!

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