Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Shoe Haul Pics (Topshop & Matalan)

topshop unique statement shoesIn the mood for some serious shoe indulgence? Well, here are my Topshop Unique green statement heels and Matalan ruffle front orange shoes. Gorgeous aren't they? Did I tell you that Topshop cancelled the kitsch flamingo, pearl necklace I ordered with the shoes? They didn't have enough stock, so they couldn't fulfill my order, which sucks, as it was really cute.
topshop boutique heelstopshop unique shoestopshop unique statement heel shoes
I'm really lusting after the purple version of these Matalan shoes, that I keep seeing in magazines. Has anyone spotted them anywhere yet? Actually I would buy these in every colour under the sun, if they made them!
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