Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Killer Lips courtesy of Playboy

Don't you just love it when you discover a new killer lip combo? It was sweltering hot yesterday afternoon as I got ready to meet my friend for a blether at night. I must have changed my outfit at least 5 times to try and find the most flattering and cooling outfit. It seems everything I own looks better with leggings/cardi/vest underneath! My makeup was almost melting off my face-no amount of powder was doing the trick and I changed my hairstyle 3 times to reflect the new outfit!
all ready in my final outfit choice!Anyway, after tea the weather changed dramatically and although it was still muggy, the har was blowing in off the sea and you could barely see a few metres in front of you. So after all that, another outfit change was required. I ended up wearing my new tulip shift from Primark, Asos wet look leggings, Miu Miu jewel peep-toes, Asos lipstick pink clutch and my black cardi.
emerald coast eyeliner w/o mascara/before makeup17 beach carnival eyeliner before mascaraAs planned, I wore my 17 Beach Carnival liquid eyeliner in Emerald Coast (which lasted all night and through the heat and outfit changes) and I tried out Playboy Calender Girl lipstick in 68 Miss November. This lippie looks a medium brown but comes out very sheer making it even more gorgeous. I already own Miss May and it's much more pigmented-they are nothing alike in texture. I paired it with Playboy Hef's Favorite l/g in 64 Ms.Playboy and got this beautiful light peachy, nude, glossy lip. I can see me wearing this duo to death!
playboy lip comboplayboy calender girl lipstick and hefs favorite glossIt was pretty busy but we managed to find somewhere quiet to talk about her impending wedding and how cute our nephews are! We made a quick exit though when the DJ ruined the ambience by setting up and blasting out 'oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair...'! That wasn't exactly what we had in mind for a Tuesday night, can you believe they even cleared a 'dance floor' in the middle of the pub? Most customers were eating meals and nobody looked like they wanted to get up and dance. Anyway it was great to catch up and a good excuse to get dolled up!

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