Monday, 8 June 2009

MAC Style Warrior Haul Pics

Hello lovelies! Feeling yucky today and needed an afternoon nap, I'm just wrecked! Anyway, two parcels did cheer me up today. My new Miu Miu shoes (pics to follow tomorrow) and the other, my MAC Style Warrior lip products. I've mustered up enough energy to take and edit the pics, so here they are.

Please note, that my camera seems to take the best (most true to colour and in focus) pics, when the flash is on. This in turn means that unfortunately there is the flash light in the centre of most pics. I haven't swatched anything yet, but will do at a later stage.

I love how the zebra print products come in leopard boxes and vice versa, pretty cool.

*all images clickable to enlarge, hover over each picture for shade name-please do not take/copy images (I leave them untagged for a clearer view)*
MAC Style Warriors packageMAC Style Warrior HaulMAC Style Warrior lips haulMAC Style Warrior lipsticksSunsational lipstickBrave New Bronze lipstckPurple Rite lipstickGold Rebel and Style Warrior lipglassGold Rebel lipglassStyle Warrior lipglass

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