Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Thy Will Be Mine

*Just as I went to hit 'publish post' my computer went off, we've just had a power cut for a couple of hours-glad to be back-life's no fun without electricity!*

Do you like the new banner? I fancied a change and really wasn't keen on the last one. Anyway, I got all in a tizz, a wee minute ago when I realised Topshop had the elusive Unique statement heels online!!!! Of course, I sent back the Emma Cook frilled pair yesterday, so that refund hasn't yet been processed and I don't have enough money for the Unique pair. A quick phonecall to my little sis and she said I could use her card (panic over). I just had to decide which colour and style to get.Topshop Unique Statement HeelsInitially I had my heart set on the blue ankle boot as you know. However there is a beautiful pair of green suede courts and also creamy snakeskin in court or slingback styles, which I hadn't been expecting. It threw me and I was really torn with what to order. Plus, to avoid a repeat of the Emma Cooks, I decided to order my normal size and a size up, just incase (p&p free over £100 and free returns by post). I ended up getting the blue ankle boot in size 5 and a black size 6. I really like the green courts though....I'll see what happens with what I've ordered. Although if it's like last time, it'll take a week to get here and I'm sure everything will be sold out by then. As I type this, there are most sizes available in all the styles, so go and get them now.

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