Monday, 22 June 2009

Peacocks Snakeskin Cuff Shoes

peacocks snakeskin shoesHi lovelies, sorry I've neglected you a bit over the past few days. I've been busy taking lots of pictures for you though; of some of my Stila collection, some other new beauty items and a massive haul from Friday, where I bought lots of dresses!

In the meantime, here are some photos of my Peacocks snakeskin shoes which I debuted the other day. I bought these a month or so ago and kind of broke my 'saving for expensive shoes/don't buy lots of cheaper shoes' rule. There was only one random pair in the whole shop and they just happened to be my size. I probably wouldn't have bought them, had my Mum not gushed over them and reminded me that I didn't really have anything else like that in my collection (see she does encourage the shoe buying at times!). They were a very reasonable £20 and while I'm not gushing over them, they are cute. What do you think?

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