Friday, 12 June 2009

Review & Swatches: Lancome Color Fever Shine Lipstick

I've just been dancing around the house to ZZ Top-Gimme All Your Lovin' and Kevin Lyttle-Turn Me On, oh yeah!! Let's hope the neighbours can't see me! My Mum and little sister are away for a couple of days, so it's just me and Daddio (he's at work just now), so it's kinda nice to have the house back to myself again. Mum did leave me this (half eaten) huge bar of Dairy Milk to keep me company though, oh the terrible things I have to do...!YummyYou know you want to eat me!Anyway, I thought I'd take more swatches for you. This time it's Lancome lipsticks from my collection. I've started with Color Fever Shine, £17.50 each in the UK. The shade names may vary in UK/Europe from US colours (they tend to give the same shade a different name). These come in the silver and pink casing (good for doubling as a mirror to help apply lippie, not good for pesky fingermarks). This is a very thin, high shine lipstick which can build to medium coverage. Some shades are infused with glitter and these can sometimes feel a little gritty. Brighter or bolder shades are made more wearable as the colour is very color fever shine lipstickClick photos to enlarge and please do not copy without permission.
Shown from left to right: 004 Ray of Pink Light, 202 Dazzling Mocha, 208 Tasty Beige, 318 Fuchsia Euphoria, 330 Fuschia De Nova.
lancome color fever shine lipstickslancome color fever shine lipstickslancome color fever shine lipstickThe 2 lipsticks in the pearly cases were from the L.U.C.I. collection and I believe they were limited edition. The white shade (004), is clear with sparkles that reflect blue or pink in the light, however I cannot for the life of me, get my camera to pick this up-it is only (incorrectly) showing the glitter as white. It's a good lipstick to wear over others for added sparkle.
Top Row (glittery lipsticks): 004 Ray of Pink Light, 202 Dazzling Mocha, 208 Tasty Beige
Bottom Row: 318 Fuchsia Euphoria (very faint glitter that doesn't show up on lips), 330 Fuschia De Nova (no glitter).
lancome color fever shine lipstick swatcheslancome color fever shine lipstick swatches closeup of ray of pink lightlancome color fever shine swatches top rowbottom row of cf swatches

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