Monday, 18 May 2009

Barry M Mint Green Nails

I have painted my toe and finger nails permanently since I was about 12. I've gone through many phases with the colours. Does anyone remember the Lancome peel-off nail polish? I used them in my late teens in bright tomato red, orange, lime green and brown. Before that I'd been fond of pastels (lilac, pink, lemon and green) after wearing sparkly black when I was 13. I would sometimes paint every nail a different colour and even went through a stage of wearing one nail different from the other nine (in the days when I had my nail pierced!). Nowadays my nails are either dark (purple, blue or grey) or mega bright (pink or red) and rarely anything inbetween. However I am lusting after the new Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green that I keep seeing featured in beauty spreads. I've looked for it in my local Boots and Superdrug, but they just seem to have empty spaces on the stand. I love Barry M nail polish; the variety of colours are fantastic and I find it long-lasting and easy to apply. There are a couple of other new shades that I think I'd like too, Bright Purple and Fuchsia (my staple is Shocking Pink), so the search will continue!


  1. you get get barry m products online

  2. Yes, I know-although I haven't ever ordered from them. I just didn't fancy the postage costs for one nail polish!

  3. they do some fab lipsticks too :)


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