Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Heels

Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoe
Meet Irregular Choice 'Tian Tian', my third pair of panda heels for consideration! Yes, not content with two pairs, I've added another into the mix and I think these could be the pair I keep. They were actually the first pair I saw in a not so detailed sneaky photo earlier in the year. So I was surprised then, to find them not included in the four released the other week.
Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoes Box
I wasn't overly taken with the uppers in the photo I saw and they still aren't 100% perfect for me, but I feel they are an improvement on my Pin Yin pairs. So let's take a closer look at the style. It's a simple shaped shoe boot, cut a little higher than Pin Yin if you were to compare. With the same rounded toe and this time a scalloped edge around the shoe and tongue. Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoes Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoes Front Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoes Side Top Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoes Behind Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Heels
Instead of traditional laces, they tie with black organza ribbon which is finished with gold metal aglets to prevent fraying. The heel tip is gold and almost every style/colourway has had a different colour of tip. The uppers have a 'woven' pattern of tiny reflective strips, which shine red, blue, green and purple in the light. I've taken a photo of the toe with and without the flash, so you can see the sparkly effect.  In direct sunlight or even artificial light, you can really see them twinkling.  Unfortunately yesterday when I took these photos it was quite overcast and there wasn't much light bouncing off them.  I was looking at them before I went to bed though and in the darkened room with just one light on, they were glistening away.  Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoes Ribbon Detail Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoes Insole Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoe Fabric Close Up Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoes Toe With Flash Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoes Toe Without Flash Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Shoes Sole
I didn't talk much about the heels in my original post, so I'll do so here.  Overall I felt the panda heels weren't quite as cartoon-ish as previous character heels.  They were a bit more realistic.  I like that the ears aren't simply moulded into the head and painted a different colour, they do actually stick out.  They are reasonably well sheltered by the base of the shoe above, so I'm hoping they won't snap off or get caught on anything, but it's something to be aware of (that they may be a little more fragile than other styles).  There isn't a left and right heel, both face the same way.  They are very wide, much chunkier than Santa or gnomes and wider than the cats, lambs, unicorns and probably even the bunnies (though I haven't compared them yet).  I think they're possibly more like the fawn heels, but again I haven't looked at the two side by side. The heel is lower (3 1/2" like the lambs), but it feels comfortable on me (and that's coming from someone that usually opts for a higher heel).  The pandas themselves are very sullen!  I feel the thin white stripe beneath the eye sockets on the adult panda is much needed.  It just lifts the face a little.  Since the baby is lacking that, it does look a little moodier, grrr.  I found my Tian Tian had a few little scratches or marks that I didn't find on my Pin Yin pairs.  Not big enough to warrant a return, but they just look a little sloppier than my others, which is a pity if I decide to keep these.    Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Heels Close Up Irregular Choice Tian Tian Panda Heels Detail
Size wise I opted for the 6/39 (a size up) because Pin Yin felt very small on me (I tried both sizes of those).  Tian Tian fit fine in the bigger size.  While they might not look terribly exciting and certainly there's more details on Pin Yin, I can see myself wearing these loads.  They'll go with everything and I kind of like that you think the shoe is plain, but turn around and bam! Big panda heels!  If I compare these to the black Pin Yin, I much prefer Tian Tian.  The yellow Pin Yin are more interesting, but I'm just not sure I'd wear them often enough.  So with that twisted logic (if there is any logic to that) I feel I should keep Tian Tian.  What do you think?  For photos of the yellow pair, head over to Shoesday Tuesday (well only if you want to fall in love with them a little) where they are on my feet and for £5 off Tian Tian here  (currently the only place they are available in the UK and I'm not sure if there are plans to release them elsewhere later or not), use the code ZAFEBMAR5.      

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  1. Oh those are definitely the nicest out of all three I've seen! I love the fish scale effect!x

    1. I agree, think I've made my final decision to keep this pair!

  2. They're really pretty and I like the flash of colour, almost like an oil on water effect when you get up close.

  3. Oh, they are my favourites and the ones I was meaning!! :)

    1. Goody. I wonder if they will release them ''officially' or if they'll be like the pink gnomes and peach fawns and just be on Zalando.


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