Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Day 10 #BeRealMarch

Last week, as my Mum would say, I "blethered pish" with my #BeRealMarch selfies. I was easing in gently and realistically how much can one say about a selfie? I think I've just about updated you on everything I dislike about my face and the status of my hair, so there's little else to add to that! This week though, I want to reinforce why I felt the need to do this, what I hope comes of it and why I think it's important.
BeRealMarch selfie
However I've written and rewritten this post several times and none of it sounds right! It's harder than I thought to condense it into manageable chunks each day. So rather than get behind and run out of time to post this, I'm not going to say anything! I'll maybe see if the writing comes easier tomorrow. As usual, the previous post is linked below and I'll see you tomorrow x

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Day 9 #BeRealMarch


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