Sunday, 15 March 2015

Day 15 #BeRealMarch

I took this photo last night before bed, rather dishevelled and tired. I've queued this post because I have a feeling I'll be having a lie-in this morning! Too much activity over the past couple of days for me!
BeRealMarch selfie

I didn't receive a dispatch email on Friday for my dinosaur shoes and bags, so I'm not sure they're coming on Monday, like they usually would. Pity, I'm desperate to see them! I need to start writing down all the shoes I own (yes I realise that's a major task) so I can work out how many extra shelves I'll need for the cabinets for my shoe room. I thought if I worked out the heights (obviously very roughly because I can't actually access each shoe right now and it's not a matter of heel height, it's how high the rest of the shoe is too). Delivery is expensive and we can't get to a shop to buy more, so I need to get it right first time. I wonder if the fact that I have quite a lot of really high pairs, ankle boots and longer boots, it will work itself out and I won't need extra shelves. I don't know. I'm actually losing track of the shoes I own, because it's been so long since I've worn them and even longer since I've seen some of them (the ones buried right at the bottom of shoe mountain). I took an inventory years ago when I started my shoe challenge as it was easier to keep track, but I really can't remember which ones I've sold and bought since then! Sounds like too big a job, now that I think about it, because I'm not even sure how many shoes I'm going to fit in the room (certainly not the whole lot), so I won't know which ones I'm displaying.  Ah well, we'll see soon enough.  See you tomorrow x

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  1. Wow, that sounds an epic task! Could you hazard even a ball park figure? I probably own about 40 pairs (maybe up to 50, not sure) x

    1. I used to say less than 200, more than 100, but when I started writing them down years ago, I realised that was nowhere near the figure. I think it's somewhere over 300. And that's me having got rid of (probably) hundreds of pairs over the past decade. Ridiculous.

  2. Even though I only did my IC challenge last year, I don't even know how many of those I have now. I've bought and received quite a few more pairs of IC since the challenge, sold and donated and got rid of some, so I'm not even sure how many pairs of IC I have now, and I dread to think about the other brands of shoes. So many and the thought of an inventory makes my head hurt.

    1. Mine too! I used to have a pile of stuff for eBay too and seeing as I haven't been eBaying for over a year, I can't remember which pairs I sold or was hoping to sell and still own! I'll be so happy to get some order back. Last time I sent my sister into the depths of my 'shoe wardrobe', I got so frustrated that I just told her to dump any shoes in any box, so now they're jumbled!!


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