Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Day 18 #BeRealMarch

I woke up feeling a bit down on the world today. Technical difficulties with the blog (which is like a red rag to a bull in terms of stress for me) though hopefully I fixed it, without ruining something else! Then the absolute and utter balls up that was MAC Cinderella! BeRealMarch selfie

I rarely buy MAC now because I always miss the newest lines as they sell out too quickly and MAC stopped emailing me years ago (even though I was one of their best customers) which pissed me off. However, I kept an eye out for this collection as I really loved the limited edition packaging but it sold out from MAC, John Lewis, Selfridges and House of Fraser before I could get any and don't even start on the shambles that was Debenhams yesterday. I'm glad I hadn't woken for the supposed 6am release like others, because there was nothing to buy. I've heard orders were cancelled, stock wouldn't add to basket or appeared to be sold out as soon as it launched. Then after half a day, a sheepish apology that the stock had gone online a day early by accident and sold out (though nobody seemed to see it, so I have no idea who bought it). I just don't understand why MAC go to the trouble of creating special packaging, colours and names and getting the Disney license for nobody to be able to buy the damn stuff. The few people who I've seen with any, have been bloggers that were sent it for free anyway, what's the point of a collection so exclusive, it can't be bought? What's the point in teasing us with something we'll never own?

By luck my sister was in Glasgow yesterday and I had all my hopes pinned on her finding some there, but alas a full stand with 'sold out' stickers next to everything. I know it's only makeup and not the end of the world, but it was a downer after waiting months for it. I liked the colours, but more than that, the packaging, which can't be replicated or duped. I was so excited for it, but I'll be thinking twice before buying MAC again. I don't need makeup to be stressful or only available to certain people, it's ridiculous. Rant over. Oh and my sister was seeing Usher (aka my future husband) last night and I would've loved to have gone, but I'm nowhere near well enough, which SUCKS majorly (AND he wore a kilt)!!  I am laying these posts out slightly different from before, just on the off-chance the links and layout had anything to do with this technical glitch (seemed to be just my mobile version of the blog affected, but let me know if you're experiencing any difficulties). Anyway, a parcel arrived today that seriously, seriously cheered me up. I have that haul (dino heels) coming later tonight. It's immense x

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  1. What a head of hair! Lion's mane springs to mind, in totally a good way. I stopped buying MAC when they started selling in China, because everything there has to be tested on animals before it can be sold and I thought 'Not in my name!'

    It sounds like a total fuck up, so no wonder you're cheesed off! x

    1. Haha, I don't know where all this hair has come from, just suddenly grown! Really? Eugh, didn't know that, well that's another reason not to buy from them.

  2. I only have like three lipsticks from Mac and one liquid eyeliner. I haven't bought from them in a long time, I wouldn't mind all the hype/exclusiveness from them, but their testing on animals is just inexcusable in my animal-lover eyes. I know it's not just them, but any company that sells in China, but they are such a big company they could really do some good in taking a stand against animal testing but they don't care and well, I won't be giving them my money.

    1. Quite right.

      I mean I understand making something 'limited edition' but it seems like money wasted if they don't sell much of it because it's SO exclusive. The demand was definitely there and the majority seemed to miss out, which feels like a waste of them even promoting it.


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