Friday, 13 March 2015

Day 13 #BeRealMarch

Ok, so I've scheduled this post, because I have physio today and knew I probably wouldn't have time for it. There's also the launch of the dinosaur heels today, so I can't miss that!  I look like I've barely slept in this you know the saying "you look like a half shut knife", is that a Scottish thing or a 'my family' thing?  Anyway, I do look like a half shut knife!
BeRealMarch selfie

Back to the shoes and hopefully I'll manage to snag a pair, if I decide which colour to go with. Spoilt for choice from what I've seen. I'm not looking forward to physio today (well do I ever?), I had been good and kept up my exercises, but now I've let it slip. I've been struggling with my back after washing the dishes last week (I thought I was being helpful because nobody else was here to do it, but it nearly killed me), so that's been part of the reason and the other is, I just forget! I try to do them before bed, so I'm not knackered throughout the day, but it's usually when I'm cleaning my teeth that I remember I've forgotten. I'm using the gym ball now, so it's not something I can bring upstairs once I remember. I think I'm feeling frustrated too at my body still not really responding. I mean it's been 5 months and I still haven't been able to increase my repetitions, not even once. So much for someone saying it was a 6 week program to get me back to how I was!  Anyway Happy Friday 13th! You wait years for one to come along then get two at once!!  Haha! See you tomorrow x

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  1. Hi! :D that's one of those sayings I don't really understand but it's definitely a Scottish one haha. Love your hair here, the contrast between the blonde and the brunette is quite glam. Hope today went well xo

    1. Haha, I think it's like an army/pen knife, you know how you need to fully open it for the blade to come out. I think that's what it's related to anyway!

  2. The hair is amazing! Sorry you are in pain.xx

  3. Sorry about your physio not improving :/ But it's good that you are keeping at it and hopefully it will help soon:) I love your hair in a bun:)))

    1. Thank you, yes tiny, tiny improvements, but at least I'm sticking with it.


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