Saturday, 14 March 2015

Day 14 #BeRealMarch

Quick post today and sorry it's later than usual. My nephews came through to see us, so I had to 'entertain' for hours!
BeRealMarch selfie

The wee one broke his heart (to the point of almost puking) at Mummy leaving (he's not usually like that), but was fine afterwards (thank goodness). They were bouncing around on my gym ball (!) not quite what the physio had in mind, but they seemed impressed that I'm able to balance on it! It's funny, the eldest keeps telling my Mum that I will love these crystal shoes with butterflies on them (the Cinderella trailer) that he keeps seeing at the cinema. I don't think it's dawned on him, it's advertising a film, rather than shoes but never mind! Today we were discussing shoes and completely unprompted he exclaims "have you got those sparkly ones with the butterflies on them? You'll love them". I'm rather proud that I've trained him well!! 8 years old and shoe shopping for his Auntie ; ) And yes, I would love them! Though has anyone ever given a thought to how uncomfortable glass shoes must be and how difficult they must be to walk in?  Something I didn't think of as a child, but it does puzzle me now! See you tomorrow x

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  1. I read that they actually CGI'd the shoes on to her feet cause they were so uncomfortable and didn't fit quite correctly. However, I wouldn't say no to some swarovski crystal shoes. I wouldn't wear them, but display them! I think your nephew certainly knows you well and you look stunning in that picture!!

    1. Ah really, yes I didn't even think what it would be like as an actress to wear them! The cartoon one didn't have that problem ; ) Yes, he's pretty funny, but knows his Auntie well!

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    1. Thank you. He can be, then a little terror the next!


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