Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Day 24 #BeRealMarch

So I decided to push myself a little more as we near the end of BeRealMarch and although this hasn't been a conscious decision, most of my selfies have been taken with my phone. For ease really, because my phone is always sitting there and it's pretty easy to upload photos from it afterwards. The quality of them, isn't as great (obviously) as on my DSLR, so I thought I'd take one or two on my DSLR too. BeRealMarch selfie

It's definitely less forgiving than my phone, so I'm quite liking the challenge! I never understood why people hated using the flash for face shots, because when I wore makeup, I always used it as I looked weirdly matte without it! On bare skin though....wowzers! Blotchiness, PORES, shining to the point of oil slick greasiness; stuff I didn't even see when looking in the mirror, it's brutal! So I've tried without the flash, but some of the photos were a little dodgy (lighting wise), so I'm still learning where and when is best to take them. Like I say, much easier with the phone! Yesterday and today anyway were both 'real' camera photos.

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  1. I absolutely HATE the flash! I look AWFUL!xx

    1. Pahaha! See I loved it before, made my skin look better, makeup brighter (and not shiny) and without the flash I looked like this dull, matte, thing. Without makeup, my goodness the flash is horrid!

  2. I like your hair in this one, it kind of looks like a faux mowhawk :))

    1. Haha, yes it does! No idea what it was doing or trying to do!


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