Saturday, 21 March 2015

Day 21 #BeRealMarch

Really quick post tonight, because I've babbled on quite a bit this week already and we've been babysitting my nephews today (and tonight), so I'm trying to work while they're in bed. This was me yesterday after a shower. BeRealMarch selfie
Showering is probably the most physically tiring thing I do just now. It nearly kills me! Standing for that length of time is a real struggle and my whole body aches afterwards. I always need to lie down afterwards, wrapped in my towel, just to regain some energy before getting myself dried and dressed! I look like I'm about to fall asleep here, which isn't far from reality! See you tomorrow x
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Day 20 #BeRealMarch


  1. Oh wow I'm completely the opposite in this regard - in the mornings showers are like the only thing that wakes me up! (But I take very fast showers, the whole thing is over in less than two minutes.) In the evenings I prefer to take baths as I love to spoil myself with Lush bath bombs or bubble bars and I find them so relaxing. But if I don't have time I just take another shower. I love being in water :D I bet I was a mermaid in another life!

    1. Ugh, no I've pretty much always hated showers! I struggle to get out of the bath now, so I can't have those, but actually once I'm in the shower (minus the pain of standing) I love it. I like long, hot showers (so bad), but I think it's more the thought of having it that I hate!


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