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Attitude Clothing: Banned Apparel Flamingo Bag

Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Front Facing
You know I've been crazy about bags lately (maybe more so than shoes?) and my latest addition, is this flamingo one. Isn't it gorgeous? Read on for my review and also a 10% discount code.
Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Detail
It's the Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag* £34.99 from Attitude Clothing, who specialise in alternative fashion (clothes, jewellery, accessories, beauty, home and gifts), with brands such as Iron Fist, Hell Bunny, Collectif, Lindy Bop, Voodoo Vixen and Japan LA online. There's a vast mix of styles from pinup to punk, kawaii to psychobilly. Banned Apparel have a nautical, rockabilly, pinup vibe with a little gothic, steampunk thrown in. This bag is most definitely kitsch with the large flamingo pattern, yet it's secretly very practical. Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Top Front Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Side Front
Without a doubt, it's one of those Mary Poppins type bags, that you'd think wasn't that large, yet it holds a whole heap of stuff. As you can see from the base, it has a lot more depth than you first realise. It keeps it's neat shape from the front, but the sides reveal a wider gusset which is replicated in the flat, zipped section on top. The sides are stitched at the bottom which not only provides a smart and solid base for the bag, but this expanding effect is created.  I like my bags structured rather than slouchy and this one definitely fits the bill.  Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Base Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Side Gusset Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Zip Top Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Open
As functional as it is, it doesn't scrimp when it comes to pretty details. The obvious main attraction are those huge embroidered flamingos on the front. Flanked by floral embroidery underneath and at each of the top corners, while at all four corners on the back. You would expect this standard of detail in a bag twice the price, but I'm super impressed to see it on this one. Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Flamingo Embroidery Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Floral Embroidery
Inside, the bag is split in two with an internal zipped section.  In one side is another zipped pocket and on the other, a pocket the full width of the bag stitched into sections. One is slightly larger than the other, the smaller intended for a mobile phone.  There are two hinged handles fastened to gold framework along the top of the bag and there was a note with the bag that the pins may become loose over time and need to be screwed back in, so that's something to check on every so often.  The bag also comes with a longer strap which can be fastened to the sides (visible in some of the earlier images), though my preference is to use the shorter handles.  It also comes with it's own dustbag to keep it clean and scratch free when not in use.  Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Hinged handles
The flamingos were what drew me to the bag in the first place, but I wasn't really prepared for how well thought-out the structure was and definitely didn't foresee the level of quality.  It's a real beaut!  They also have a turquoise version in wallet form on site if you're not in the market for another bag just now or this rounded vanity case style bag with floral embroidery.    Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Front Banned Apparel Flamingo Handbag Back
My one wish for the site is that the plus size range be more substantial.  I feel sizes disappear quickly and the stock isn't replenished, plus there could be more products.  Though I know that several of the brands they stock simply don't cater for plus sizes, which is no fault of Attitude Clothing.  The likes of Hell Bunny do though and I'd absolutely love to see more (all!) of that range in the bigger sizes (like this cute Scottie dog dress).  They've got an amazing new season collection, my absolute favourite being the Sea Sparkle dress (below) available in the main and plus range (yay).  Likewise the Antoinette (polka dot), while the Honor (floral) is just available in plus sizes for now.  There's even a playsuit and blouse in that same seahorse print, though not available in plus-size.  I do have 10% off for you to use site-wide on all full price items (until midnight 18th March) and the code is PATRICK10OFF.  What do you think of this bag, have you heard of Banned Apparel or ordered from Attitude Clothing before?           Hell Bunny Sea Sparkle Dress Hell Bunny Honor Dress Hell Bunny Antoinette Dress
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  1. Oh wow, they're so cute!! I love the bag and the seahorse print dress. Posts like this are making my spending ban harder. Are you getting the dinosaur heels?

    1. I waaaaant them! I thought I'd be getting the dinosaur print ones, until I saw the floral pair in the email, like my bow boots! Now I'm not sure which I like best.

  2. I love that seahorse dress- so pretty! Ooh, can you forward me the dinosaur e-mail so I can have a look pleaseeee!?!?!x

  3. I love the seahorse print on that first dress and the bag is really cute:)

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