Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothering Sunday

Today in the UK, it's Mother's Day.  I usually have to rely on my sister to find a card for me as my Mum is really into card making and makes them for me to give to friends, etc.  Obviously I can't ask her to make her own (!) and I'd be with her when shopping, so can't pick one up then either.  The past two years though, I haven't been near a shop, so I had to buy my gifts and card online.  My sister had been unwell, so I didn't want to hassle her to go searching for a card for me.  It's Mum's birthday in a couple of weeks too, so I decided to get both at once.  I was organised with a present, but left the card until the last minute!
Scribbler Custom Mothers Day Card

I turned to Scribbler, as they offer free 1st class delivery when buying 2 or more cards (plus I had 10% off) and I needed it quickly.  Like I say, I was very rushed and given that our PC is right in the middle of the family room and Mum kept walking by, I had to be very quick in searching for a card when she wasn't looking!  The birthday card isn't very exciting, but I loved my Mother's Day one.  I picked this 'vintage' one you could personalise with your own photo (£2.99) as the themed ones tended to be geared towards alcoholic Mothers and mine doesn't drink!  It was very easy to upload a photo I had stored on my PC (that's me on the left with my sisters and Mum if you hadn't guessed).  It was also simple to navigate the zoom in/out, up or down, left and right to get the image exactly where I wanted, plus you can add your own message inside.  Again you can play around with it, changing the font, size and colour.  We joke that I'm her favourite and my brother in law is sick of hearing about what "little angels" we were as kids, so that was my message!  You get to preview it and double check it before adding it to your basket.  You have the option of having the card sent straight to the recipient or sent to you with an extra, blank envelope.  As we live in the same house (I'd be giving it to her in person), I chose the latter.  If that's not enough, you can also choose the standard card size (which I picked) or larger or smaller.  It was my first time ordering a custom card online, but I'd definitely do it again, it was very easy and my Mum is thrilled with it.  Scribbler say most of their 1st class post gets there the next day (if ordering before 2pm same day dispatch, after 2pm is next day dispatch) and sure enough mine arrived on Saturday when I ordered late on Thursday (last minute I know)!  Phew! Scribbler Custom Mothers Day Card Close Up Scribbler Custom Mothers Day Card Inside
You can use this exclusive code SCRHTW31 for 10% off your first order at Scribbler.  I thought you might like to see what I got Mum.  We were very varied this year, with my big sister getting her flowers, my little sister Paperchase tubs and stationery and me nail polish!  Loreal and Barry M Nail Polish
Again I'd ordered these online and got them the other week.  The first is Barry M Aquarium Nail Paint in Caspian £3.99.  I bought her Mediterranean last year, which is a brighter pink peach and she wears it all the time.  It's got that metallic duo-tone finish and I thought this one was a little more neutral than the last one.  It flashes all sorts of colours actually, kinda copper with bronze with a hint of pink and green thrown in.    Barry M Aquarium Nail Paint Caspian Barry M Aquarium Nail Paint in Caspian Close Up
The second is L'Oreal Color Riche Glitter Polish in Sequin Explosion £4.99.  I haven't tried these before, but the slim bottles looked interesting and my Mum loves a glitter top coat for longevity.  This one is multi coloured with differing sizes of glitter ranging from little specks to bigger pieces.  Not sure how well it will apply a 'consistent' looking layer, but we'll see.  LOreal Color Riche Glitter Polish Sequin Explosion LOreal Color Riche Glitter Polish Sequin Explosion Close Up
I also bought one for myself because I couldn't resist the gorgeous colour!    LOreal Color Riche Glitter Polishes
It's Scarlet Tinsel, a hot fuchsia which I'm hoping applies with more coverage than a top coat and can be worn on it's own.  It's just so sparkly (I'm sure it'll be a nightmare to remove) and the colour so intense, I love it.LOreal Color Riche Glitter Polish Scarlet Tinsel LOreal Color Riche Glitter Polish Scarlet Tinsel Close Up
Unfortunately my little sister is working today, my big sister is spending it with her boys, seeing Home and I'm too unwell to go anywhere, so Mum and Dad have gone out for lunch by themselves.  I hope you're enjoying the day if you're spending it with your Mummy, as a Mummy or thinking about your Mum.

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  1. That is a lovely card! I bet she loved it! I made one as usual but sometime it might be nice to try something bought! I used to have an orange version of that pink nailvarnish which I bought in Miss Selfridge as a teenager and it was SO sparkly but as you say, a nightmare to get it off!x

    1. Your card was lovely. Yeah I detest getting glitter off, nightmare!

  2. Oh wow that's a great card!!! I love the idea of personalized gifts and this is a really great idea, I think I'll do one for my mum when it will be her birthday:)

    1. I just wish I'd had more time to do a personalised one for her birthday, instead I just picked a pretty generic one!


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