Tuesday, 5 April 2011

River Island Sale

The River Island sale started online and instore today. I was most keen to see if they were reducing the fox ring that I've been coveting for months (actually probably a year)! Although I have a very similar one from Miss Selfridge (same shape, different colour), the RI one is so much more sparkly in the flesh and I was really disappointed it didn't go into the sale at Christmas. My stalking has paid off though, because it's been reduced from £12.99 to £4 today! I also got this snake ring, £4 down from £12.99 and this long jointed ring (£14.99 now £4), although I'm hoping the size medium fits as that's all they had, but usually I find RI rings quite small : ( I managed to put back this birdy necklace (£12.99 now £4), it's really cute, but do I really need it? No! Remember the gold court shoes I ordered a while back that were too small and I returned them always meaning to order a bigger size? Well, I think I may have talked myself out of it. I still love the heel detail and quite like the shape, but I'm just not as in love with them as I originally was. Instead I ordered these lilac stud shoes! £69.99 down to £35 and only sizes 5 and 6 left online. I love the soft colour mixed with hard studs and thought the heel was much more manageable than say my Kandee Diamonds! My other sale picks would be these two bags. I saw this clutch instore recently and liked it, half price at £15-I managed to tell myself I didn't really need that either. Plus this gorgeous winter floral bag, just too big for me to use every day as I don't get out much or need much in my bag, it's also half price at £20. I'm sure there's lots of lovely clothes reduced too, but I didn't have time to fully browse. Any dresses I did like only seemed to be left in small sizes anyway. Not that I fit RI 18's, I had to send back 4 dresses last summer that didn't fit over my boobies, so I've kinda learned my lesson there! Will you be popping into your local or making any online purchases?


  1. I'be just been having a nosey at the sale and the only things that caught my eye were the fox ring and the floral bag above, i don't love them enough to part with my pennies though, probably for the best, i can hear my bank account weeping! x

  2. i had a look this morning when they announced it on twitter, but there was nothing from my "want" list in the sale so i closed the page - how good am i?!

  3. I was so tempted to get a few pieces, but I am going to wait for the summer sales!! :) Willpower!! lol


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