Sunday, 10 April 2011

Peacocks/Pearl Lowe Joy Floral Dress

Now onto the floral 'Joy' dress by Pearl Lowe at Peacocks which is the dress I wanted most from the previews, but was also dreading it's arrival as I was expecting all kinds of badness from the reviews! The fabric was undoubtedly the most questionable aspect of this dress, as most of you agreed it gave a lovely fit and the print itself was nice enough. The fabric definitely wasn't what I initially expected nor was it the fabric I got into my head from your descriptions. It's a strange fabric isn't it? Stretchy, slinky yet weighty enough to hang well. I could see how there could be issues in warmer weather...I can't decide if it would actually be quite cooling or completely smothering! One thing I did think was that it doesn't 'feel' like a £40 dress, it really doesn't.

You'll see from the video it features smocking details across the shoulders, little pin tucks at the bottom of the sleeves and I love the inverted pleat in the centre front of the dress, very flattering. These are all points that we've come to love from these collections. I felt the neckline could've been made better, it's folded back but doesn't stay in place and even although I only tried it on quickly, I felt I kept checking the overlocked seam wasn't showing. The length is another questionable detail for me, it's at least 4" below my knee, mid calf style and it just made me look short.

Overall I felt this dress was just too big for me and this is coming from someone who often has to buy a size bigger than this in other brands! I looked like a kid trying on my Mums dress and even with the tie around the back, it didn't pull the waist in enough for me. Although not as bad as the Enid dress, the fabric on this one did make me look busty. I often find that stretchy fabrics just stretch over my bust without pulling it in or shaping me and I need some structure to minimize this area rather than emphasising it. It pains me to say it, but again I'll be returning this one. It's a pity that what once was a fail proof collection with great styles, flattering cuts and quality fabrics has now become overpriced and hit or miss and this is coming from one of PL at Peacocks biggest fans! I may try the two black dresses in this collection, although I don't fancy paying another delivery charge only to find they're no good either. I also think it's disappointing that only 15 stores around the UK stock this range-I probably never would have purchased Joy from touching it and now have the hassle of returning the dresses plus missing out on the delivery charge.


  1. That is very diappointing that you are going to have to return it. I agree that only having it in 15 stores is a bit rubbish. x

  2. Awwww well at least you tried them on for yourself and made a decision :)
    Went into my local peacocks and they did not have the range!


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