Friday, 22 April 2011

MAC Haul & Swatches

I mentioned that I purchased some more MAC items in order to receive the free mascara they were offering when their website relaunched. I bought a couple of Plushglass glosses from the main line because I'd fallen in love with the one I purchased earlier from Quite Cute. I also got another lip pencil and a lipstick. When my order arrived (so much quicker than Debenhams fyi) I didn't get the mascara. I was calling MAC every name under the sun, considering I'd just spent over £50 on things I didn't need and I had placed so much hope on the rare chance of getting something free from MAC!

I emailed them and never heard back (they still advertised the offer on their site even although it had expired 3 days earlier which irked me even more). Then I got a package through the post one day with my complimentary mascara, so all was forgiven. You redeemed yourself MAC! In the email I'd asked if they still had plenty badges left because I really wanted them for my sister (yet another free offer) and thought I could always order yet another Plushglass from QC to qualify (seeing as I'd already bought everything I wanted from QC and you can't pass up freebies from MAC don't you know!) but of course having not heard back I didn't want to risk having to complain again. Then I realised when you added any QC item, the badges automatically showed up in your basket, so I ordered yet again! Here's all my goodies....
The free Haught & Naughty Mascara (haven't tried it yet), definitely one of the fanciest mascara tubes I've ever owned!
The beautiful Honeylove (matte) lipstick from the permanent line. I happened to have Viva Glam Gaga 2 close to hand so compared them, surprisingly Honeylove was much pinker.
I was a little disappointed with the lipliner. Subculture looks to be your standard brownish nude, like No7 Nude etc and I already have loads like it, I was hoping for something a little more unique and not quite so dark. My search to replace Test Pattern (TP) continues! I've photographed and swatched my other 2 liners, TP and Naked Liner that I bought in the last haul.
(the lipsticks are mislabelled below-sorry)
Two Plushglass glosses-both permanent colours; Wildly Lush is at the front and Ample Pink at the back.
The separate order; Girl ♥ Boy Plushglass from Quite Cute along with the free pins. Really pretty colours and my sis loves them!
All my plushies together! From the front, Wildly Lush, Bubble Tea (Quite Cute), Ample Pink and Girl ♥ Boy (Quite cute). Cannot rave enough about these!
They have a gorgeous glassy, gloss finish.


  1. I don't have any Mac lip products, totally coveting your collection now.


  2. I loooove the Haute and Naughty Mascara, I usually change mascaras all the time but I've stuck with the Haute and Naughty since it came out.

  3. the glosses look lovely x


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