Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Matalan Haul + Returns

I went to Matalan today to return the dresses I'd ordered online that didn't fit. I should've taken the assistants advice and waited to see if there was anything I'd like to exchange them for rather than getting a refund and then buying more stuff! I didn't think there would be anything to buy, more because of the dresses not fitting rather than not seeing anything I fancied. In fact I think I said 'I want/like or love that' to everything in the Be Beau department, they have fabulous stuff right now. Lots of floral dresses and such like, but I knew they probably wouldn't fit.
Then I spotted two gorgeous frill jumpsuits, but the legs weren't wide and I wasn't sure how they would look on me. Then....I saw this vintage corsage jumpsuit that I had previously seen in previews and really wanted. My heart sank though because it was part of the BB range and I've decided their 18's are just too small for me. Then I turned and saw this other floral one and knew I had to try them! I left the ruched leg ones and took the two wide legged.
They actually seemed quite generous, the corsage one has an elasticated waist and a small button closure at the back, so it's a pull on job. The other had a side zip and the straps unbutton too. I tried that one first and it was squishing my boobs, but I have on a bra that makes my boobs really stick out and up, so I wouldn't wear that with it which would help! It wasn't uncomfortably tight. Then the elasticated one was actually a little roomy. So I got them both! They were £25 each and £50 seemed like a lot to splash out on a couple of jumpsuits when I'm just breaking myself into wearing trousers, but I loooove the colours and prints on them. Fyi, the corsage is wired, but I'd move it from the waist because it wasn't sitting correctly there and I think I'd wear a belt with that one. My Mum did have a £5 off voucher so that helped a little-both are available now online if you're interested.

Here's the images I took of the dresses I returned. I was tempted with the cherry jumpsuit like the dress...but Mum thought it looked a bit pyjama-ish! Now that I know the other two fit, I would've liked to try it.
The cherry dress has a centre back zip, piped waist and bow detail, lined and with net underneath too. There are also two heart buttons at the neckline. Even looking at these dresses on the hangers, they didn't look like 18's to me, they're tiny!
The floral bow dress came with a pink belt which if I'm honest felt a little cheap (I would change that to something else). There's lining and net underneath, a back zip and two bows on the front.
Finally the halterneck was boned in the bodice front and back, had a side zip and tied around the neck. The waist was piped and had a large bow and again it was lined with a little net underneath for fullness. The ruching detail around the neckline was a nice touch. They are all lovely dresses, just a shame they didn't fit.


  1. i like the jumpsuits, but i'm still not quite convinced they are a stuyle i can pull off :( i bought one from tesco recently which was just awful on me.
    i have had my eye on the halter and cherry dresses for a little while, i'll look out for them!

  2. Those jumpsuits are amazing. I especially like the first one. Really like the last dress as well. The Matalan here is really out of the way which is annoying. Might pop to the one in Glasgow when I'm there. x

  3. wow love that first jumpsuit. They look bloody awful on me sadly :( Be beau stuff seems to come up quite small on me too, i think it must be a brand thing x

  4. I was passing Matalan today and remembered seeing your post and thought oooh i'll just have a little look. After an HOUR of gazing at the beautiful dresses, I was very good and only purchased 1 :) The last one in your pictures (halterneck with flowers) I had to buy an 18 to fit my bust, but it is a tiny bit big. I think their sizes are small at the moment as i'm usually a 14/16.
    I wanted to try a jumpsuit on, but im only 5'2 and they all looked so long!


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